Equinox was a beautiful thing… and the distraction of it gave to no poetry yesterday.  The first time in 547 days.  EEk.

I actually wonder how I let this wondrous day slip by with out a word.  well.. I had lots of words and some drumming.  A Tibetan bowl that sung me into a daze; It was a StarGate Detroit day.  Sunny at first with magnificent Clouds, then as we praised the day in Hart/Heart Plaza, the rain found the land and us chanting beneath it.


When you have the time… should you be so inclined; Here is a movie I invite you to see.  I think it’s life altering and enhancing.   I would very much like a discussion around it.  I will be like no other film you have ever seen.  Thanks

Would it be that we thrive

The land gracious in abundance

Gifts of plenty held to a ripe land

The invitation to take what is needed

asking in the unconditional for no return


Would it be that we thrive

The land unceremoniously taken

Plenty is ravaged leaving land depleted

The Company of the party a destructive guest

Never to leave till all is harbored away from sharing


Would it be that we thrive

When the few want for nothing

And the many struggle for fertile land

clean water, sustenance for their loved ones

A waste land of little, stripped for the greed and power


Would it be that we thrive

A Earth tired from no return

A people held to fear based thinking

A belief that someone else will fix it, change it

In the wait of more being taken than the gift of giving


Would it be that we thrive

When at last we escape from fear

Claim our soul from the Devil’s greed

Give thanks for our return to a shared existence

Where we all win and reap the goodness and joy of abundance


We will thrive when negative thinking

loses it’s power and the pleasure of kindness

is our daily supplement and stewardship of this land

and sky, and wind, and water is our great honor to cherish

WE Will Thrive when we are One.










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