THE BORG… resistance

happy birthday Helen.

Morning visitors, friends, n’ family.  Didn’t autumn just give a giant ‘I’m here”?   I could smelling it coming for days and then the Equinox. With the magic wand of seasonal change;  Voila, we have fallen into Fall.

The ‘sippy the coffee’ is especially good this morning.  I need the zing of it’s wake up.  I slept like a baby last night and slept long.  I welcome that kind of non-resistant sleep.  


“Resistance is futile” so say the Borg

Their ‘trans-human morphology

Unified; a collective of humorless

auto-matrons perfectly ordered  

on behalf of the systems heart-less



Give me something to push at.

Of choice that gives question to

authoritarian construct.

Without the conflict of ‘one right way’

In the Oneness of Us


Lay perfect order in joyful patterns 

that find resolution in the stir of honey 

fresh on toast, in the sip of Earl Grey tea.

or the nose to nose of dolphin to human

in a crystal blue sea of Unity


What is resistance if not the call to wonder why

as answers of the Universal enthuse in our

curiosity, as we swim in the soup of Infinity

that holds the known waiting to be understood.

As duality loses it’s hold and the heart center leads.


The Borg knew in their limited strong hold

that in oneness they are strong.  That to resist

has it’s pain.  Only, Only, their story speaks to

an empty heart, joyless, contrived, null n’ void

of love connection.  


I will resist that.  I can not resist living in Joy.




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