Hello One n’ All.  I’m zooming this morning.  Got a buzz going on and it ain’t in the sippy of the coffee.  I know I hope where that’s coming from and it might be that I have a busy day before the day started.  Zoom zoom zoom.

I like the way the word ‘zoom’ looks.  Ya know?

Today, I am prompted by the idea of ‘Schemes’ and Scams as there’s some of that drifting about in my community.  The idea of a ‘gifting circle’ that is really caught in the zone of Pyramid schemes and scams.  It alll looks so good, sounds so good, tempts the senses into desire and want cause, after all, it just might benefit many, it might lead to more abundance and prosperity, circulate money, make us richer in the gifting and giving.  I want that.  I believe in abundance and prosperity for ALL in the gift that keeps on giving.

If you are not aware of Pyramid schemes and the subtle  divisiveness of them, I invite you to Google it.  It’s worth knowing about.  Certainly, if you are in the creation of the scheme you will benefit and the rest of ya… not so much, if at all.


Circulating the cash for a greater reward

Movin’ the money around from here to there.

From you to me, and me to you and them

Gathering others in the circle to expand the circle

to Expand the circle, to expand our wallets.


There should be a quick way to abundance

In accord with the abundance of Spirit.

Feeling the prosperity load up from the inside out.

Part of the economics that should not keep you in the struggle

When plenty is stacked up in rich people’s coffer.


And your people lose their home’s and jobs

It ain’t right in the inequality of the bull shit.

When there is enough for everyone that don’t have enough

You don’t have enough.  When is enough enough?

Schemin’ and dreamin’, a scavenger of of possibilities.


Why not lay your gamble down and risk something?

Life is a gamble in your breathing and the circle calls.

In the sounds so good in the get a little richer scheme of it.

Banked from the top giving the bottom the same struggle

as it’s always been in your hopeful and the loss caves in on you.


Say it isn’t so in the scheme of that Pyramid

That ancient glorious edifice of magic and mystery

falsely equated with a corrupt scheme to scam us.

We just didn’t get the true mystery that lays at our center

That place in the heart n’ gut of us that feeds us truth.


If you’re make a gamble, gamble on your goodness of heart

Gamble on the abundance of your Spirit and prosperity of friendships

Maybe the scheme of things is the wondrous pleasure of kindness

and the giving without return to keep the circle of goodness strong

and a smile and hello to everyone you meet so the circle is unbroken.











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