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 Very strong morning sippy up here at The Dease.  Taking bits of the hot brew and letting in awaken the sleep out of me.  Standing on the deck watching the Sun rise, burning the fog off in large drifts as it float in wisps of cloud-like poofs over the land and lake.

Loons find great feeding right in front of the cottage; taking  swirling morning dives on the slick, flat lake, while the fog dances it’s dissipation on it’s surface.  Picture perfect.  Morning rise on the Dease.  Into the calm of the day I give Full Moon dreams



Dance the fog to Sun

Swirl in dervish wisp rapture

Lake smoke finds blue sky


Full moon Aries Point

Planetary lines connect

Gaia call’s the Plan


Loon to water play

Dive sleek beneath the clear deep

Rise to give their call




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