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Good Morning.  If I was so inclined I’d turn on the heat this morning.  WOW.  Sliding into the cool quick.   Feeling the first day of Autumn barreling on in for the big spicy hello.  I like it.


Weather report:  Well rested and sunny on the inside.  Goose bump tickled on the outside with the rising sun.  Smells a bit like moist, dying plants. Here is the weather report for here or where ever you plug your data in…


Good News:    If you go to this link, you will find… YES…GOOD NEWS.  For me…My mOments get better n’ better.  I’m Ready.    What’s your Good NEws?

This is what I wrote one year ago today,  19Sept. 2011


Days of grey and rain

patter calm to my restless spirit

give quiet to the bright light of living


My sun never ceases to rise or set

flickering always at my center

grateful for a cloud, a burst of rain


The weather of me is volatile

hiding my ceaseless shining

shifting to a wet chill grey


The patter rhythm’s moist welcome

summons the quest for silence

gives my sunny days a rest



Today…  Infinity requested  me to remind you….


Ceaseless moments finish each other

Complete as they are in the no-going-back

Restless to repeat what was or give to a

new outcome that now lives in the past


What use is there in the linger back there

already gone and moved to a new beginning?

Opportunity rises in the creative fresh of

a better gift of the receive and give repeated.


The continuum sequences it’s illusiveness

Headed for Infinity by it’s nature in the 1,2,3

You’re already there.  Why not enjoy this

moment that wants nothing from you


And gives you everything that Being Here in

this Now will adjust the gone of yesterday

and allows all tomorrows to unfold with no

expectation except to be Full of self in the receiving.


Let me remind you that you ARE perfect

You ARE enough as you are .

You are part of the ceaseless flow of Infinity

Calling you home to Loves Joy-full fest












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Today’s Good News.  “If you believe it you will see it.”   I believe that Peace, Joy, LOve, LIght, and Laughter is my Divine right.  I will see it everywhere today.  Likely, I will be challenged by that little niggly wiggly bit of myself that doesn’t fully believe.  And… in that moment, I’ll  imagine something full of love and goodness to fill me up, chasing all those lies away.


Setting sun on a Blue Moon rising

It doesn’t matter how we got here

to this place that challenges our

kindness, and goodness, our

Peace and our Joy.


It doesn’t matter in the matter

of things cause matter has a life

span on this Earthly realm.

It comes, it transforms, it dies off


In the ‘matter of fact’ of being,

the fact is that matter changes

from one energy form to another

into a great mystery of it’s where’bouts


We’re here full bodies of matter

held to gravity and duality

facing our dark and light

with choice to what really matters


As a matter of consequence

The action of Love and Joy

make a difference.  Kindness

makes a difference in the 


Matter of how you get your

facts to fit you choices.  I choose

the gentle Path of Laughter, Fun

Love and peace… That’s what matters to me



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Let’s talk Good News.  Not old poopy news.  Not all the drama of the ‘News’ that wants to grab us and drag us down into negative thinking and feeling.  I’m not having ‘my-chain-pulled’ by what I can’t do anything about.  Nor, do I wish to risk the pleasure of holding peace as a primary way to good living.  REally… I’m of the mind it is the only way to live and make the world a better place.  I can handle the being called a Peace-Nic, or an Old Hippy, or any number of slanged out jargon that prompts Peace n’ Love.  I’m Good with that.  Good NEWs.

More good new; I’m breathing… Still.  Not worried if I stop.  The Sun’s shinning and the sky has all kinds of business floating around in it, that looks fluffy and restful.  I can imagine the lovely drift of that carpet ride over the Earth n’ Sky.

Good News:  The greatest niece in the entire known world is going to be here any minute and That is some kinda Joy.



Choice gives a thumbs up on Joy

Compassion is hogging center stage

Laughter has a lot of nerve to fill me up

Kindness let’s the heart feel Big in giving

Love is in every inhale pushing the light on in

Light continues to shine everywhere


The Good News is we can end all war.

Inside and out if you believe you can.

End your inner war and make peace

with yourself so peace finds it’s way in

to the core of your Light in other’s eyes.

That is some damn good news.



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Here it is, almost 10pm and my fingers and mind have not danced across these pages.  I was lost in my day and letting the writing ritual pass, suddenly, I think to myself.  Dang.. I have yet to lay words here.

So.. here I am as 10pm passes into 10:01 and my need to bring together this day in this way calls me.

I watched a recording of Barbara Walter’s “Heaven: Where is it?  How do we get there?”  So many religious/spiritual expressions of Heaven.  It provokes my own feelings and thoughts about it.

I choose Heaven in the likeness

of joy, laughter, Love, Light and goodness

I choose Heaven to be where I am


My heaven is on the inside of me.

I can choose to experience it in any

given moment at any given time


I can shift my thinking, my attitude

to embrace what I imagine is Peaceful

tender, compassionate with a breath


There is not a time I can not be

in Heaven no matter what kind

of Hell struggles for survival


No amount of ravage, despair,

illness, plight, can keep Heaven

from me in my allowing of it


I choose the shake of the dice

Sitting in the turbulence of

life’s stormy upheaval.


And when those dice fall

I know without looking that

I have laid the best of it on the table


My Heaven is merely a thought away

A breath away, my own personal

self proclaimed infinite glory.


Heaven is what I make of my

good living.  Heaven is here

now, Heaven is here.  Heaven is.



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The Ides of September.  How time illusively flies when I’m noticing. All I really want is timelessness and to galavant across the Universe in my stream lined Blue light.   Visit a few Galactics and sip on some rare, fruity nectarine whilst  discussing the Infinite.  I don’t think that is tooooo much to ask.  The days are getting closer for that.

Anyway… in the Now, the blue light is from a glass vase hit by the Sun, glowing on the TV screen.  Very pretty emanation.  Maybe I’ll just lay in that light and call it a pleasant voyage.  Dream a variety of truths into being.

Let’s imagine…

What truth would you wish into being?  What colour is the Light that calls out to you?  What does it feel like when you let that light wrap itself around you?



It’s not like I hear the call

I am the call. Wandering

wondering from where I

come from catching what

lies in the echo of my soul.


It’s not like voices in my head.

Tho’ they come with an invite.

A sweet reverie of chant to the

Centered peace of  the balance

held to this hearts quest.


Home is where the heart is.

Right here singing, being

the call beyond Earth’s limitation

and gravities pull that my soul

yearns for in this song.


I sing this everyday as it resides

in my cells. My DNA shifts to

meet it in the new construct of

change unfolding in Earth’s

beautiful Light evolving.


And so it is as it will be.

As the story unfolds as it does

Getting what we ask for in

choice of things to be or not

hearing your call from your soul.






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I decided to write later in the day today.   Rather than the get up, feed pets, make coffee, sit n’ write, like I usually do.  I let the day take me along it’s travels.  A little garage saling that had no treasures, (how can that be?)got my hair done.  Whopppeee.  Did some grocery shopping, and soon, I will be getting a massage.  ooooooo… yes.  Some self care this day.

I woke up with the idea of ‘curve’.   And the word ‘curve’ has been swimming around in my brain all day.  I have no idea what to write about it and… I will write right now.


She threw him a curve ball

It through him off balance


He just made the curve going 45

He was damn lucky


She’s all luscious and curvy

A real Hot mama


He knew it would be a high learning curve.

He welcomed the challenge


She knew there was a curve in the road

She sped up to greet it


He curve his mouth in a sardonic grin

It sent a chill up my spine


The curve of the Moon made me want to swing

As high in the starry night sky as I could


The snake curved like an ‘S’ across the sand

Slithering in a race to get to the tall grass


The curvature broke the steady, straight line.

My eye found the architecture disturbing.


Do I curve left or to the right?

Which path will I take?


I’ll curve back around

I don’t want you to miss this


I held the curve,

Around and around on the ice I went


He’s got curves where curves aren’t meant to be.

He’s doin’ his woman thang.


I ate something kinda curvy.

I feel twisted inside


Have you got you’re curve goin’ on?

I curved into the dance like a dervish.

No more curves for me.  I’m straight

Curve this.








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Good morning and Peace to you.

It’s very still outside this a.m.  A crow gives a caw and the morning  commute drones in the background.  I feel the yawn of the morning draw in my breath, filling me with oxygen, expanding my lungs and my mind.  Sometimes I throw my ‘mind’ out like a silver thread into the world to see/feel what I might catch on the edges of my consciousness.  This morning I don’t throw far.  I scan the short periphery and conclude that there is a mix of activity, mostly, a slow moving a.m. for many in the ‘get ready for the day’ .   There is a feel of anxiousness rising that might come from the knowing that once you ‘step out’ into the multitudes, energy multiplies and starts to zing and zoom. There is no getting away from it.   And, the way in, with, and around all that zap is to find your own peace.  Take what you need, engage what feels right, and dispel the rest.

Maybe, you remember the smell of Peace, or the texture of Gratitude.  Maybe, you decide to see/feel Love in everything.


There is no place that Love isn’t.

No absence in it’s abundance.

If you’ve seen it, felt it, tasted

or touched it in a single memory

that memory hungers to give and

receive Love over and over again.


The expanse of Love gathers

all the senses; a momentum

of pleasure and joy in celebration

of the simple act of it Being

fully present in your body

for all to feel and see


Love does not hold back.

How can the greatest motivator,

the greatest feeling, the greatest

Joy, and Love’s sublime sense of

pleasure beheld back?

Back from what?


If you believe in Love in the

unconditional sacred pulse of

Love’s distillation in one small

thing, then you know Love.

Can you allow your heart to

be wide open to receive?


Let Love awaken you.






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Sippy the coffee.  oh how I love the sippy.  I got a big deep, dark, French roast this morning.  Yum.  Love the smell of the grind and the sound of the crack and crunch on those little beans.  aaaahhh.

Well, the world according to this Geezer feels, looks, smells real darn nice.  No denying the push of autumn and the smell of life shifting on the surface as the push for final harvests calls.  Love the market this time of year.

So, yesterday had all kinds of Peace smells.  I could have and just might later, go on about more smells of Peace.

What about the texture of Gratitude?



The fiber of Gratitude is silk

thread strong, smooth as a baby’s

sweet butt, soft as the melt of butter

on toast.


The texture of Gratitude;

a jagged scar left from the

threat of life saved on the

edge of death call


The grain of Gratitude

humbles itself before the

shifting sea of life’s oceans

seeking a safe place to beach


The weave of Gratitude

tapestries a garment of

great sorrow and great

Joy on your shoulders


The surface of Gratitude

gathers All the great and

small; pushes deep into the heart

loves desire for the highest good


The filament of Gratitude

is seamless and sometimes

unseen.  Ever present to cast

hope out into the world


We are all strands of Gratitude

weaving a pattern of life in

the spaces between the spaces

Remembering what we are grateful for






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Shape shifting into a new day.  I’m in the body of a very middle aged woman who’s eyes are all puffy from allergies.  I need not share with you the rest of what that body is.  Suffice to say, it’s more than operational. (I’m laughing right now)  Really, I am.  Attitude: terrific, glimmering on ridiculously good.  

The weather outside is divine.  Love the cool sunny mornings.  I inhale peace.


Peace smells like family meals

and friends potluck dinners

With laughter in abundance  and

Care-fullness around the celebration.


Peace smells like puppy breath.

A frolic of clumsy fur and paws

playing trampoline on your chest.

Licking and nipping wildly at your ear


Peace smells like a lovers whisper.

Wrapped in sheets tumbled by

hunger’s desire and the calm

of exhaustion laid to moist skin


Peace smells like mossy silence.

A cloudless day of blue through

a path of majestic White Pine.

The soft needles  kiss your face.


Peace smells like glittering Light

A shimmering eminence aglow.

The echo of the heart’s call to Joy

that rises beyond yesterday’s lament


Peace smells like a Full Moon night

Where darkness is filled with Light

And the communion is sacred to 

the sharing in the rise and set


Peace is found everywhere when

it’s allowed in.

Peace is in everything when

when you believe it

Peace IS when you want it





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Morning…. Question…  What would the ‘perfect’ world look,feel,smell, taste, and Be like?  If you haven’t thought about it seriously, why not join me in imagining it.  What would it be like for you?


My Perfect World


Peace and kindness, joy, celebration and Love in a world vibrant in fresh green 

and brilliant blue.  Life is a rainbow of color and delights.  

Any environment can be wished into being if you so desire it, and you will

travel there with a thought. (see more on this below)

Clear, clean water that pours down your insides and your outside with a feeling

of freshness  that whispers that all is well.  

Water is healing, flowing.  Nature is our nature if we choose that.


Earth is honored, cherished, and lived with as a loved family member.

Nurtured and caressed, seeded and fed, gathered in the arms of Love and respect

in accordance with equality and mutual agreements.

All the ‘kingdoms/queendoms of the planet are considered equally important.

There is no separation in a shared bio-diverse exchange of living together. 


Everyone is ‘awakened’ to their Love nature and know without doubt that they

are Divine and perfect exactly as they are. We see the Divine in everyone and

everything.  No one sees themselves as better then, more important than, less then,

anything or anyone.  There is no war, no competition, no hostility.  Differences

are accepted and welcome.  Nothing is diverse because we are already all diverse 

and in acceptance of that.   There is no fear cause fear can not live within the 

flow of Great Love and great Light.  Evil can not live in the embrace of Love.


We are all free to shape shift in to beings of Light, or whatever vehicle we choose, 

to travel the  Universe in whatever time line we want or dimension, and visit 

the many other expressions of Divinity in the Infinite. 

We have many ‘other’ galactic connection to explore and others to know.

If we prefer to linger at one of these ‘other worldly’ place we can. If we want we can

integrate ourselves into their experience and live as they do to see if this is a better fit

for our journey.  Nothing is impossible as long as Love is the motivation.

We are free to roam and celebrate our Infinite possibilities, continuing to Ascend

into greater and more evolved dimensions as it seems fitting.


I choose Love everywhere all the time.  My moments are as perfect as I believe them to be.

Where ever I am is full of goodness, well-being, joy, and a heart open to give and receive.

I fear nothing.




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