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HAPPY SAMHAIN…  as well as Dia De Los Muertos, (the day of the dead). My favorite time of year and my favorite day.  I like to take the ‘Hallmark’ out of it cause this is truly a sacred day for me.   Not about ghosts and witches, or ghouls and pumpkins, (maybe pumpkins).  This is a time when the veil between the worlds is thin.  Some refer to that world as the spirit world, or the world of those that transition before us, for me it is the ‘unseen’ world, certainly the spirit world.  It is time to remember our ancestors.  A time to release old stuff, to give space for something new and more expansive.

 There is a certain kind of ‘death’ when we let go of what no longer serves our life, especially when we have held on to a way of thinking or being that has, maybe never, been a positive, loving experience for ourselves.

It is a time to plant a seed within ourselves.  A seed that is maybe something we thought we could never do, or a creative opportunity we put on the ‘back burner’, or any number of ‘seeds’ to nurture over the long winter that may come to a greening in the Spring.

 What might you need to release to give space and expansion in your life?  

What seed/s might you plant to be nurtured and come to push through the  soil of you life?




Jump to the big Boo

It’s a ghostly dark night haunt

Fear no deathly call


Honor what has gone

Endings find new beginnings

Rejoice the let go


Death is the new life

Making way for renewal

See beyond yourself


Release the old ways

Give expansion to your life

Plant a seed of love 


I see all of you

Thin is the veil between worlds

Nothing is unseen


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Morning people… Us geezer girly-fiends will make our decent down the state with the big wind.  Leaving the bigger wind and the turbulent Lake Michigan to slam at the land.  Not a ‘rock hounds’ day at the beach.

Sandy had her way with the East coast and snow pummels in feet the Appalachians.   West coast has its continued earthquakes and Nature wins.



If you haven’t bared the Nature of you

feel the metaphor roll across your land


From outside in the sea of you churns

in storming tidal waves of  feeling


Pouring down on to the roads and into the subways

Of the deep of you, on the land you claim


Does Nature make for coincidence in her expressions?

Does She swirl like a might galaxy over the waters?


In the ‘As Above So Below’ for us to understand

In the bearing down of her a reminder that she wins


More than often her grace gives to blue and Sun

And full moon nights light the sky in magic glow


There is nothing she is not capable of expressing

In the vastness of creativity made manifest for us to imagine


We are of her nature in  the nature of Her

Elemental beings expressing our vast creativity


We are Sunny days and violent oceans

White deep winters and vacant deserts


We are giggling brooks and bolts of lightening

Surging tides and forest moss resting


We are gentles rains and our earth cracking open

spilling out our hot lava and gentle kissing the shore


We are Nature’s nature….

Think not that you will not win








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Geezergirlies are fun and surly.

Pickin’ stones on the beach mighty early

Havin’ fun in Leland Town

Sure to see everything around


Here and there and everywhere

Busy Girlies do curse and swear

Little potty mouths a yappin’

Laughin’ silly then were flappin’


That’s what happens when old girls gather

With stories of life and love together

Havin’ such a jolly ol’ time

Eattin’, laughin’, sluggin’ the wine


History plays a memory game

Remembering when where was the same

Here we are now from all these decades ago

As if it was yesterday us girls feel the flow


Of the giggles and gossip and the boys and the girls

When we were those young things still not yet unfurled

Finding our way to  woman grown up now

Only to find we’re still those girls  that somehow


Still live inside us in our fluff and our curls

When innocence and discover had our heads in whirl

Delicious remembrance, some painful laments

We share in this gathering of us Girls sentiments


Lucky we are of these days we share

Vulnerable friends our souls we do bare

Us Geezer Girl we still have what it takes

To be friends forever with love we partake



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Us girls are in our third day of fun and renewal…

Hail to us all…



The crow flew west sounding his alarm

The fog of the morning burned in the Suns’ awakening charm

Took flight in the wind lead by the caw to waters edge

The flirt of the trickster’s squawk pulled to our wander said


We let our wings open to the wind n’ fog in rising Sun

Pulled by the unknown mystery of land to lake for fun

Black wings floated to the sandy beach

Between toes the grit filed our trek with no retreat


Eyes held to stone and pebble, shell to glass.

We be Pirates of this mitten’s morning quest

To find the blue stone treasure through the rising mist

Assured the magic would fill us without resist


Three crones in call to ancient fires

Around the circle we sing to the flaming pyre

Remembering our long agos in the far away

Remembering the magic of those magic days


When crow did call from east and west

Tease and taunt our heart felt quest

To find the sky held to rock and stone

Of heaven on earth that lay hold to our bones


Here we are a last brought by the Call

Of Crow to air and our Northern soul

To this land with beach of flow and stone

We three crones have found we’re never alone






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US girls on the road. Big face me.

Tender is the heart in history’s ramble

Shared stories of love and loss lays us open

At the belly of our lives consumption

That fed us for six decades to meet at the

gut and give in the safety of friendship


In rush our tears and laughter we tremble 

The weather of us meets in sunrises and tidal waves

Shining and drowning one moment to the next

Grateful for the gathering of heart to heart

In the unexpected wonder how time is meaningless


The heart and soul have no time frame or suspense

Love’s flow knows all our sunrises and tempestuous seas

It knows the gratitude of friendship that holds no judgement

In the glory of giving freely all that you have ever been

And have hoped to be in the coral wonder and slamming waves


Sacred is the gathering of ourselves laid at this altar

Of surrender under the northern Michigan sky and

The white cap grey of the Big Lake’s vastness

Natures children sharing our elements and seasons together.

LIke the trees, we are naked to each other, fearless to any weather.




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lions, n’ tigers, n’ Giants … oh my

Holy Moly BatMan/Woman, this ain’t Kansas anymore.  Up north here I come.  Girlfriends,  older than dirt arrived last night, and ready for a roadtrip.  Friends guarding my ‘fort’ and pets. Weather super duper.  OH YIPPPeeee.  

My friend Carol, gave a great ‘one liner’ last night in reference to some man I think we knew when we were babies, (at least that long ago)  Maybe she was referring to one of the Tigers Or Giants last night…Whatever the reference, I laughed good n’ hard.  I decide I would let it inspire me this morning.  I realize it might be one of those lines ya had to be here for to fully appreciate.  What-ever… right?

“He wouldn’t know his ass if he had his hands all over it.”


 He was all tucked into his tight baby blue cotton game suit

Cap pulled down tight on that big ol’ lumberjack head

Number 007, chewing on some God awful piece of something dead

Chunked up in the corner of his mouth like a squirrel 

Harboring up winter’s meal in its lil’ squirrelly cheeks.

Movin’ his mouth like a cow on it’s cud in heat

Spittin’ and sprayin bits of bone and sinew out the corner of his mouth

I was hopin’ it would rupture out his nose and hurt.


He was ready, rotating his spiked shoes into the dirt 

Rolling on that dead thing in his mouth with his tongue

Swiveling his ass with the bat held high quivering to meet that ball

He was ready to place all 90 miles an hour of orbital rotation right out the park.

“Hit the frickin’ thing, knock that S.O.B outta the park. Send it to heaven.”

Oh ya, we were screamin’, yellin’ hard on the edge of seats, hearts racing.

“Now or never damn it, yer the man, bring’em on home baby.”

Strike 3… 


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The sky gets wider as the leaves give their slow twirl to Earth

Hundreds in golds and reds  in release make naked their summer home

Laying the carpet thick with their final breath


Vulnerability spreads it branches to the coming season of bitter cold

Rooted deep, gathering the vital force of earth to harbor the core of life safe

The metaphor trembles in me.

Of being fully frocked in summer green and lush 

All dressed up for the heat and the party in abundance

Then Winter heralds her call in chilled beg of release to lay it all down


Lay it all down vulnerable and naked to the season of freeze and austerity

There is no hiding of the self when the cold bares down hard

The flirt of Summer dress falls away hiding nothing

HIding nothing at all

As you stand stripped to your branches, unguarded, unprotected, 

Exposed in the raw like every other tree in the woods.

Every tree in your woods with arms stretched to the Heavens

Taking the Winter for the renewal of life in Spring


Cause it will come.  It will come and feed your soul of green

Call creativity up from the roots of you as you give again

It is for this you remember as you let the death  of things go

Rooted to the truth of of the everlasting journey of  One with the other

What was never yours has always been yours in the circle of Seasons

In the circle of life, In the unending circle of All that Is.

In the death and life, and Rebirth, In the coming and going and return


Maybe, you are Pine


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