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Back from the Dease and the glorious morning sunrises, sunsets, and the beautiful gift of that Full Moon. Big WOW.  I was lazy, ate too much really good food that we made, special brownies, a little sippy of the vino.  RELAXED.  Took a hike in the ConAir trails, did some ‘junkin’.  lazed and geezed some more.  Ate.  yep…  Thanks Bridget n’ Alan for BFship.  I’ll be on your ship forever heading to where ever.




On board the ship of relation

The water can be fine then it isn’t

The sea of life goes from slick glass

to tsunami with little overt warning


There were signs bobbing around on

the surface.  It was the going deeper

that scared you or maybe the surface

safety keep you thinking that treading

water was how it was suppose to be


One day exhaustion settles into you

And you pray for a tidal to pick you up

And take you anywhere but where you are.

Cause that circle of safety isn’t keeping you dry.


Maybe you see a ship that looks better than

The one you’re riding on and you swim for it.

The Sun’s shining and it’s a new day. You’ve been

treading just over board hoping for a circle or a raft

or better yet a ladder to climb back on board with.


Swim baby swim.  Relation-ship is the boat we all float on

The sea is fickle and you can either storm with the weather

or seek out the calm harbor, moor the ship and swim

together to the shore for a steady walk on the beach


The further out you go the more likely the ocean

will wave you around this way and that for fun.

You decide on how much fun or strife you want

It’s your damn ship after all and ya’ll choose

The kind fluidity you desire.


Go deep or stay surface.  I say, “Do both”.







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