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Gotta love Google.  It’s a crazy place to find anything and everything.  There is of course, the discernment factor.  Like, is the info you’re getting truth based or Wat?  Googly gook.  Can happen.  mmm


So… Good morning.  The morning has slipped by fast and here I am at last grabbin’ some words here.



Do they Google you too;

Those old friends and lovers?

Do they wonder where you are?

Certainly what you look like.


Google me, cause I’m gonna

Google you.  Curiosity is my hard

drive to gather more of the why,

where, what, n’ how of you and me


How are you in the journey of life?

Where did it all take you?

Why did you do that?

What moved you to be the you, you are?


There’s wonder in the where you are.

The life you chose, the love you have.

I’m gonna Google you till I find you

Somewhere out there in cyberspace


I may lapse my search for months

years, then, I’m all over it.  Possessed

to find some shred of you whispered

in the cyber-mind of Google.


I’ll find you and when I do, I’ll

feel the treasure hunt of success

and hope that the little chard of info

finds you well and thriving




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