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I’m back to exploring some other poetry forms.  But first let me say, this quiet morning is filled with the golden spice of autumn leaves mixed with green, changing fast day to day.  I will miss the leaves that suspended their green bough over my home; a canopy that drapes in abundance around me.

In this morning, hardly a leaf moves in the stillness.  Soon, the leaves will be gone to open my vista to the sky, letting the Winter Sun nip at the white chill that is soon to arrive.  That sends a little ‘burr’ up my spine.


Alright, so, I’m going to write a ‘Pleiades’ form of poetry.  I didn’t know there was such a thing.  I have a big attraction for the Pleiades Star System and when I was perusing poetry forms this morning, it was the second one I came across.  Well, I had to try it.  I have imagined myself apart of that Star System on many occasions.  There’s just something about it for me.  I think I have ‘people’ there.  Oh… and there are more than ‘Seven Sisters”,

Here is some general info about the poetry form:


“This is a very new form. The Pleiades form was invented in 1999 by Craig Tigerman, Sol Magazine’s Lead Editor. The Pleiades is a star cluster in the Taurus constellation discovered by the Greeks and named the Seven Sisters, Alcyone, Asterope, Celaeno, Electra, Maia, Merope, and Tygeta.


The basic form consists of seven lines, each line starting with the same letter as the one word title, and at first no meter or syllable count was specified. .”


Here is a little wiki info on the Pleiades:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pleiades_in_folklore_and_literature

And now… it’s all about me and the star girls.  tee hee  And I have made each line 7 syllables in keeping with the 7 lines and the 7 prominent Sisters.




Ascending to the star Light

Always the call homeward bound

Answers come before questions

ALL has always been for you

Alone you shall never be

Alight on a starry night

Ab-soul-lute is your love light

















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