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late night ramble with Sam…

making it before the midnight hour…  morning got away from me with company and events.  And… showing up here is important and necessary for me.. This poem is composed by Samantha and me.  


He saw me at the door

He knew I couldn’t take anymore

So I turned my back and looked north

It was the closest to the safest shore


The pebbles hurt my feet.

I ran and ran to my heart’s steady beat 

Along the river’s edge a face of light

Called me from my panicked heat


I felt a peace with-in that stemmed the tide

That I knew from it I could not hide

What was is gone, it is no more

Within the face of light I now abide


No door can shut out my Light

No need have I to take fear to flight

Peace at last has found me still

At river’s edge there is no plight



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