Feeling pros-ze.  (new word)  Playing in the poetics of life.



They came bearing memories of the us of us, long gone from the Los Angles of what rocked and then rolled us together in the early 70’s.  We tripped on some old song and dance that didn’t matter anymore.  Profundities had no show to steal or lay rest to a telling.  In it together, we savored in oUr respective talents, we were reminded of how time is illusive on the head of any pin. Our exchange held our hearts open beyond all the yesterdays.  Feeling the generosity of how where we were, had at last brought us to a patient calm; a feeling of how generous we had always been together, more so after 40 years.  More so because love was always at the center before and after the aches and joys of life that got lived.  Together again in times meander of stop and go, reminded that we would always be in love beyond this passing life.

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