After noon brings this day busy at the coffee shop where I sit distracted by the coming and going of people.  Being visual, I’m pulled into pretty much everything.    The pleasures of distractions does not get writing done except in fits and flits.

I was a tattle tail today.  It had to be done and it drives me back to my childhood and the betrayal of it, even tho’ in this situation I’ve tattled on someone I don’t know.  It will be revealed what happens next.


There is conflict in the tattle tail when the tattle needs telling.  Or maybe it’s the telling of the tattle.  Some good words act as contra-band in the deceit of them out of clear context.  Goodness used toward a path to untruth that caresses the ear and ego with ‘it must be good’ cause those words tell me so.  There is no commodity from the bottom to the top when no service or product is held accountable for the exchange in the scheme and scam of that pyramid.  What goes up stays up and does not trickle far down no matter how the telling gets said in the tattle tattle of it.  Wanting a quick dash at the cash from the hopeful gift of other that is a circle that will open and be broken.  You will lose.

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