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Chilly n’ dark at 7 am.  I do sleep well when it’s chilly n’ dark.

So, I’m thinking of changing my format (again) for my poetry blog.  Thinking how I can shift some of my poetry into the next phase of publishing.  whew… I would like to make it more inviting to a larger audience.  Any ideas from those of you that visit here?   I welcome them.

Also… what do you look for or like when it comes to reading poetry?  Is it subject? Style?  How it makes you feel?  And what are some of those things?   How does the esthetic of the website/blog stimulate you visually, not necessarily mine, anyones?  Would you like to have more pictures, or more links to other writers?

Thanks for answering and giving me feed back.


Today I ‘steal’ from the www.thepoetsgarret.com the form of poetry called Rosarian Sonnet.  Below gives you the beat of it.

And I will do my best to fall into the form of it.


“This form is a poet’s delight as firstly it uses couplets. These are always a favourite with poets, and then it uses a link for those who like the use of refrains or French poetry.
Its creator Bruce Henderson, sets up the situation using two Quintains, the centre lines linking stanzas.
This gives a rhyme scheme of… a. a. b. c. c. …. d. d. b. e. e. The final quatrain which contains the closure or counter statement gives a choice of linking, and using couplets an envelope. The forms creator chose an envelope form…. f. g. g. f. as the closure in the following example.”



No matter the chill and dark of it

The season of spice comes to her rite

In cycle after Summer’s fest

She leaves behind all heat and green

By way of ending life as it seems

Think not that she does not her best

All hail the death for winter’s white

Autumn is here in brilliant spice

Shedding life making long the night

Enjoy the Fall make it nice


Copywrite.  jeanne adwani



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