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life is short, have some filthy fun

Mornin’… My friend and creativity coach mentor, Jill Badonsky, gave out a prompt for our little writer’s group on line.  It was, “Life is short and there will always be dirty dishes, so let’s dance.”

I thought, what isn’t fun about this little quote/prompt to play with?  This is what happened as I fell into the writing of it.  And, I have expanded on and edited up a little from last nights indulgence to the fall of these words.

Life’s short, pass the dirty dishes.


It’s not like I want the dirty dishes.  It’s not that I imagine life short or dirty… with dishes.  Tho’ a little ‘dirty’ in the biblical sense of things has it seductive enthusiasm with orgasmic exclamation if you dirty on it just right.

I’m pretty sure, actually, I’m positive, that life is only short when placing a time on the length of potential living.  Dirtying a life time of dishes happens in the daily experience of ingesting sustenance followed by the have to clean the mess up part of it.

Life is short, is relative to how life gets lived and how dirty you let it all become, metaphorically.  God forgive the literal mess, or make that Goddess to off the gender implications.  Or, maybe, from the stupid foolishness of bad decisions, you made manifest after an intimate meal that leads to sex. Damn those bad decisions and the dirty business that might follow.  Hope the sex was worth it.

I’m all for cleaning it up quickly.

Better yet, make life as long as possible, and make sure that getting dirty, however that feels/looks/ smells like for you, has an outcome that enhances the short life to one that is long n’ just a little filthy fun.

Leaving out the dirty is dull and wrong.

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