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I was in the Enchanted Forest yesterday with my friend Debbie.  She and her husband have been making the Forest a magical place for some time.  Between their gifts and talents; Debbie’s vision and hard work and Bob’s incredible gift as a painter and hard worker, they have made this place on their property a truly magical place.  I took lots of pictures.




Enchantment swells the imagination in a swoon of a forest that speaks.

Alive in the message of what lurks in the quiet when you’re not noticing.

What was always holding it’s breath till you open to the magic of it

And It Inhales you deep into the moss and bark, the fey of life hidden.

To hear the twinkle and chatter of beyond

Breathing you out in a shimmering breeze that lifts the fog for your eyes

To know the truth what has veiled the magic that has always been there.

Waiting for you

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