Again, I followed a prompt for my ‘Writing Club’ and decided to share it here as well this morning.

The prompt invite us into imagining; literally or metaphorically, what is behind us and what is ahead of us.   This is one of those prompts I could have gone on and on and on about.  So, I let all that go, letting the ‘muse’ find me at my deepest place and take me as she will.




Love, loss, joy, sorrow, intention, redemption

Nights and days of tossed sheets, and hungry kisses

The numb of use to shelter fears empty hand

Enchanted rapture of fiery risings and settings

The peace and storm of what I made to Matter

The clench of death’s last breath for release home

Where I’ve been is Illusion’s vibrant history

My Grail pulses in the center of my soul everlasting


Done that wearing the T-sheet that says so

Stripped naked to burn it in the fire of celebration

Whole again from out of my ashes

Washed cleaned in Illumination by Wholy Light

There is no place I have not been nor where I am going

All is ab-soul-lute where I stand ready

I am in my yesterdays and tomorrows

Be Here Now is all I am



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One response to “PRESENT

  1. Linda Chapman

    oh this is you, all right, muse of the moment! well done.


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