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I did watch the debate last night. I’ve watched them all.   I will always be disappointed in the name calling and bashing.  The bullying, the smug faces, the lying. The disgusting TV campaigning.  The one upman upmanship.  All I can do is send them all some light and goodness.  I hope the boys grow up and someone with a great heart and deep caring for everyone and everything, helps to lead, or at the very least says ‘stop this madness’ and be truly a kinder, caring, family of beings.  Because I believe in the right for all women to own their own bodies, that we should beable to love whom every we choose, the we need a health care plan out of the hands of the insurance people.  etc etc.  I think you know whom I will vote for; Michelle Obama.  


When leading is a bash and bully

A smug affliction of terminal self-righteousnes

When One being of love is left behind for compromise

In the determination of lesser or more than

There is no leadership


What debate is there in the absence of Fear?

Love knows no bash or bully, no slash of negative words

No right or wrong in a heart held open to kindness

The jargon of Fear lays it’s hot breath on the waters loving kindness

FEar holds the lead to negative thinking on a tumultuous sea of destruction


I pray we find our way to Love or surely all the bees will die.








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