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Us girls are in our third day of fun and renewal…

Hail to us all…



The crow flew west sounding his alarm

The fog of the morning burned in the Suns’ awakening charm

Took flight in the wind lead by the caw to waters edge

The flirt of the trickster’s squawk pulled to our wander said


We let our wings open to the wind n’ fog in rising Sun

Pulled by the unknown mystery of land to lake for fun

Black wings floated to the sandy beach

Between toes the grit filed our trek with no retreat


Eyes held to stone and pebble, shell to glass.

We be Pirates of this mitten’s morning quest

To find the blue stone treasure through the rising mist

Assured the magic would fill us without resist


Three crones in call to ancient fires

Around the circle we sing to the flaming pyre

Remembering our long agos in the far away

Remembering the magic of those magic days


When crow did call from east and west

Tease and taunt our heart felt quest

To find the sky held to rock and stone

Of heaven on earth that lay hold to our bones


Here we are a last brought by the Call

Of Crow to air and our Northern soul

To this land with beach of flow and stone

We three crones have found we’re never alone






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