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Geezergirlies are fun and surly.

Pickin’ stones on the beach mighty early

Havin’ fun in Leland Town

Sure to see everything around


Here and there and everywhere

Busy Girlies do curse and swear

Little potty mouths a yappin’

Laughin’ silly then were flappin’


That’s what happens when old girls gather

With stories of life and love together

Havin’ such a jolly ol’ time

Eattin’, laughin’, sluggin’ the wine


History plays a memory game

Remembering when where was the same

Here we are now from all these decades ago

As if it was yesterday us girls feel the flow


Of the giggles and gossip and the boys and the girls

When we were those young things still not yet unfurled

Finding our way to  woman grown up now

Only to find we’re still those girls  that somehow


Still live inside us in our fluff and our curls

When innocence and discover had our heads in whirl

Delicious remembrance, some painful laments

We share in this gathering of us Girls sentiments


Lucky we are of these days we share

Vulnerable friends our souls we do bare

Us Geezer Girl we still have what it takes

To be friends forever with love we partake



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