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Hail all you beautiful people. This morning I thought I’d check on what I wrote last year on this day.  After it, is today’s little ditty. This is it… 23 Oct 2011… I think I’m better earlier in the day With words that jump up and play Awake too long my mind it tumbles gets busy with life’s daily jumble   So here I sit at three p.m Hoping for a poetic gem To lay upon this blogging table Dig into some clever fable   As you see this is it Gathering some words to fit Into this day that is sublime Doesn’t matter I’m not on time   Whatever the ‘right time might be The time is right now for me It’s kinda fun to make things rhyme Turn a word on a thin dime   It’s not about this being my best There is no best on request Being here in the now This is what I got.. OH Wow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TODAY… TADDAH   I’m not sure I have a rhyme in mind As I sit here with hope sublime This wordy thing I like to do Hard to know what will come down the chute   I am reminded the fun of rhyme When first my poems rhymed all the time There’s something clever in these silly fits Of rhymes that find a way to sit   On these pages that I sage my verse With no rehearse that is none the worst Than endless hours of words made right The suffering writer in the late of night   No no not this poet girl in a wordy swirl Sitting here making words dance and twirl Have fun that’s done real soon I channel a loon that calls from the moon   The problem is once I’m on this rhyme It is hard to stop the word roll and get to work on time All day long I’ll hear this beat twirling people in their seat Rhyming clever in my meet and greet   Gotta go.  See ya later Bye bye now must stop this patter

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Morning… The shorting days encourage longer bed nesting.  It hard to rise in the dark for me.  And, I do like to enjoy the sun coming up.    I’m still clear that the hour only has 37 minutes, cause isn’t time zooming by?  It’s pushing the end of October and wasn’t it just June?  Eeek.  

I was wondering if any of you had some favorite poems that you’ve read here that I might consider putting in a poetry book?  I’d appreciate it, if you have the time to help me out here, and let me know.  thanks so much.




integrity |inˈtegritē|


1 the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness : he is known to be a man of integrity.

2 the state of being whole and undivided : upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

• the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction : the structural integrity of the novel.

• internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data : [as adj. ] integrity checking.

ORIGIN late Middle English (sense 2) : from French intégrité or Latin integritas, from integer ‘intact’ (see integer ). Compare with entirety , integral , and integrate .


There’s cubby holes of me with stories, and rocks and shells and honey

Tucked in most available spaces.

My unity has been, may still be entirely all over the place

In an ordered esthetic museum of a life collected

In some integral fashion by wants design and lack’s fear and pretty things

Not remotely interested in being divided

Spared of no little honesty settled somewhere in the body

Routed out by sudden chaos


Am I upright and solid in my divided self not feeling the divide

Wholly sure of all the goodness

Held to the comfort of the gathering and eye candy around me

My territory is not limited to this

My conditions of being unified are the oceans all connected

And never a repeat of the same sunrise

Sovereignty is in the hearts of our awakening to Oneness

Being of sound construct, unimpaired


I rest in the integrity of being whole where ever I have placed treasures

A pirate’s bounty sails  the oceans 

That are all connected bodies of flow and tides and waves.

I am unified with all of it












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I’m a bit of a poet slacker… that’s what happens when I don’t feel well.  I”M BACK..


Breaking the chain of days of words

Finding the string that binds in my hands

Letters that call out stories in lines

That lay me in sentences across the page


Inner critic ties me in knots 

suffocates poetic structure’s dally

It’s all good if I believe it to be 

No day is lost in timelessness


Crawl out of the dreary dally

of snot and cough, of head throbbing

Words to far away a to gather here


Give to the perfect moment 

Never lost to dis-ease’s clutch

Begin again and again 

Every moment is a new beginning



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Inspiration comes from having a cold and paying attention to what my body has to tell me.  Sometimes I don’t listen very well.


Lay low to heal, take time to have it

The body and mind recite the ode to well being

It is in the listening that self care reveals itself

The steps are yours for the take in the slow motion

Answers are in the bodies room amidst all the chatter


Of lung to heart, mind to belly, liver to kidney

The skin knows it all in the wrapper over bones and muscles

Clinging to the all of you, holding you together

Take your time to have your healing

Hear the chant of well being in it’s repeat for your ears to hear

The body’s memory has never left you in the dark

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There is laze to this day held to the bodies call to release

To lay low in the shelter of quietude and nurturance

Sipping the Ginger and lemon, bathed in honey

To give sweetness to the sniffle and cough


The body asks for care in the busy and the sleepless

To slow and to rest in the patter of this day of soft rain

As leaves give their final cling to the branches

Soon to bare naked the tree to the winter howl


That time is not yet tho’ this time is for resting

Nestle in and let the rain chatter and bite

Snuggled in to the cozy of home and pets

Laze in this day for the body and mind to ease


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I did watch the debate last night. I’ve watched them all.   I will always be disappointed in the name calling and bashing.  The bullying, the smug faces, the lying. The disgusting TV campaigning.  The one upman upmanship.  All I can do is send them all some light and goodness.  I hope the boys grow up and someone with a great heart and deep caring for everyone and everything, helps to lead, or at the very least says ‘stop this madness’ and be truly a kinder, caring, family of beings.  Because I believe in the right for all women to own their own bodies, that we should beable to love whom every we choose, the we need a health care plan out of the hands of the insurance people.  etc etc.  I think you know whom I will vote for; Michelle Obama.  


When leading is a bash and bully

A smug affliction of terminal self-righteousnes

When One being of love is left behind for compromise

In the determination of lesser or more than

There is no leadership


What debate is there in the absence of Fear?

Love knows no bash or bully, no slash of negative words

No right or wrong in a heart held open to kindness

The jargon of Fear lays it’s hot breath on the waters loving kindness

FEar holds the lead to negative thinking on a tumultuous sea of destruction


I pray we find our way to Love or surely all the bees will die.








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Again, I followed a prompt for my ‘Writing Club’ and decided to share it here as well this morning.

The prompt invite us into imagining; literally or metaphorically, what is behind us and what is ahead of us.   This is one of those prompts I could have gone on and on and on about.  So, I let all that go, letting the ‘muse’ find me at my deepest place and take me as she will.




Love, loss, joy, sorrow, intention, redemption

Nights and days of tossed sheets, and hungry kisses

The numb of use to shelter fears empty hand

Enchanted rapture of fiery risings and settings

The peace and storm of what I made to Matter

The clench of death’s last breath for release home

Where I’ve been is Illusion’s vibrant history

My Grail pulses in the center of my soul everlasting


Done that wearing the T-sheet that says so

Stripped naked to burn it in the fire of celebration

Whole again from out of my ashes

Washed cleaned in Illumination by Wholy Light

There is no place I have not been nor where I am going

All is ab-soul-lute where I stand ready

I am in my yesterdays and tomorrows

Be Here Now is all I am



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