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A dental moment

Dentist…. ouch.  eek… 

 He’s coming for you…. Thank God/ddess he is easy on the eye.  Without his ‘steampunk’ look going on.


Mouth fumbled in needles and cotton

Drilled and reamed away the nerves

No poetic justice to be found here

Aching jaw give no sweet return


till tomorrow..

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Old friends live in the heart.  They start easy, fast and slow into the intimacy.   Hungry to know and be known.Time and distance dances in the in-between spaces.  Stories of life in the up and down untold.  Living as the journey calls and takes, invites and challenges.  Understanding is missed in the tides with the Full Moon rising in the light of the night in the mystery unspoken in the opposition.  Still moving in the waves and holding the light in the no-matter-what of how love caresses the heart song.  The alignment finds itself again in the everlasting of souls that have found each other.  Reminded of the Great expanse that embraces beyond Earthly understanding.  Into the ab-soul-lute  truth that we are eternally Love’s creation of Divine intent.  I am seen by you.  I am seen by you and you know I am perfect as I am.

W-holy we travel as we trip the Light fantastic.  I will know you anywhere.  I see you.


Happy Birthday Samantha…

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I don’t know about ya’ll, and I’ve been lookin’ for the Right Way.  Which implies there is a Wrong Way which sets in motion for my busy, active, overly imaginative mind, a contradiction in my beliefs (which box me up real tight) that All Ways get you where you need to be.  Are you with me on this one?  Let me busy this one around a bit more, cause I can.

If in the Cosmic, Infinite, Universe … (yes, all that),  anything is possible. (why wouldn’t it be), then there would not be a Right/Wrong Way.  There would be No Way cause Infinity by it’s definition and nature is inclusive.  Kinda like anything goes in the Infinite immense of what  is impossible to describe even when we do our best to describe it.

If you look to the definition of Infinity it very well matches some of what the definitions and expressions of God, Source, ONeness, Spirit, Goddess, etc. is;  The unknowable, beyond understanding, limitless, no beginning or ending.   Spirit, Source, God, has a much more expansive definition:  all knowing, all powerful, omni-present, supreme being, etc.

What I’m I’m getting at here, (I hope) is that my pursuit of ‘The Right Way’ is limited and define only by me and thus not so very inclusive.  Doesn’t make it bad, only limited in breadth and possibility.  And, I am looking for a much more vast, inclusive, infinite ‘Way’ of embracing what God/Goddess, Spirit, Source, Oneness IS for me.

I’m giving up on searching for ‘THE Right Way’.  That’s right, I said it here, I made the profession.  It’s All Right when I give myself to kindness, joy, love, compassion, forgiveness, laughter.  Lots of laughter.  LOts of seeing joy and care in what doesn’t always feel that way.   It is ALL The Way from here on out for this girly geezer.

I’m in IT with all of ya.

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27 Nov. 2012… yeowza!  We’re coming to the end of this month at the beginning of this day.  Considering I think time is created to sustain the duality of living here on EArth, and that time is illusionary in an Infinite Universe; I sure do give the speed of it a lot of energy and pondering.  I think I even give it a little whine, a little disgust, once in awhile.  What kind of ‘Be Here Now-ness is that?  Exactly.  It’s a rant that need not happen again.

Sippy the coffee in all it’s dark brew-ness.  I invite you to relax and let this little poetic visualization settle peace within your being.



 Breathe.  Settle into your chair. Wiggle into the most comfortable position.  

Breathe. Let your inhales and exhales support the comfort of this moment.

There is no hurry, nothing else you have to do.  Only to be here right now.

Allow yourself to relax and let all the angst of your busy mind melt away.

Breathe into this comfort, this peace as your body gives in to the relaxation.

In your minds eye give your imagination to a beautiful  place on this Earth.

YOu know this place well, even if you only travel there in your mind.

Let yourself go there now.  Breathe yourself into this incredible place that knows only Love.

Notice the little details, the curve of the land, the smell of the sea,  the taste of the air

The palette of colors that surround you. Reach out and touch, feel, caress it.

Breathe in the glory of it all.  This is your sacred place of joy and pleasure.

It is a place for your heart to experience and expand within .

You are the only one here in the presence of this Earthly treasure. 

And only you can invite someone or thing to be present here with you.

Breathe it in and let yourself BE presence here with natures love all around you. 

You are completely safe here.  Only love resides here.  It is timeless here.

And you only have to imagine something positive and loving for it to be with you.

This is your sanctuary.  A place to give your peace of mind to and imagination to.

Breathe it all in and let every cell in your body feel it, and know it, and remember it.

And as you breathe this all in begin to feel yourself in your chair. 

Feel the comfort of your body settle in as it slowly begins to wiggle.

Your toes, your fingers, your legs.  Wiggle them.  Let your eyes open

Noticing where you are.  Feeling the peace of this journey as you come back to now.

Breathe.  Breathe in your surround as you still smell the linger of your sacred place.

Any time you wish to revisit this place.  You simply imagine it so.   It waits for you

Always, it waits for you to be present there in safety and joy, and Love.


Have a wonder day.

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I’ve been reading some lovely poetry on line from the various people that I have connected to in the cyberworld.  If you track down my blog on the side you’ll see some of them.  Take a look at the ‘posts I like’.  The community of writers out in the lands beyond is significant and very present if you go looking.  Like all cyber space journeys, one leads to another, to another, and on.  Like getting trapped in YouTube and 3 hours has joyfully slipped away.


Slip away here for awhile in the cool comfort of inspiration

Slip away here when the laze of you needs solace and ponder

Slip away here with a morning cuppa and open heart 

Slip away here when down looks like up in the grey gloom


Meet here in the spirit of possibilities 

Grab the rainbow thread of connection

At the tap of your fingers to anywhere

And find yourself here for awhile


Be Here Now where there is no place other than

The place you breathe in right now

Be Here Now where love is all there is

Where here is right where you have always been










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There is an art to patience. It’s a cleverly crafted state of mind and being that invites the attendee to step into a slow (e)motionally moment or two or three: breathe several times in a riveting display of peacefulness and calm, like you bought that tee shirt in the 70’s, right?  And you let go of the need to barrel through, full throttle, into the moment with just that little quiver at your edges so as not to overtly display your new found cleverness, that leads others to believe you are truly a patient human.


Personally, I think there is alchemy that must occur for some of us, as the process of patience inhibits the spontaneity of grabbing a moment and having it be just as raw as it can be.  And you, hung there by the seat of your pants with a bellow of Yippees, and insane laughter as the rush of it drugs your brain in endorphins  and  saturated adrenalin.  No room for a patient moment now.  A new kinda art is being produce and the canvas has no boundary.  Seems that alchemy might be made by  dirt and tree roots plus snot makes for the speed of light.  Of some such nonsense.  (I shrug my shoulders)


There is some poetic grace within this ramble rant cause I’ve been trying to integrate my Mac with the rest the world wide computers and with Mercury retrograde and all hell cut loose, my patience was laid to the dirt and root of me and it made my head spin and my nose run, thus the snot.  And not one dang damn thing moved any faster than frickin’ treacle.

My patience has been tried. And being the artist that I am, I’m going to take incredibly slow, long breathes, get centered, breathe some more, close my eyes in great gratitude and peace, and go shopping.


Patience a no go

A slow down in dissidence

Unlikely pairing


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I want the Earth to change.  To have  her re-birthing in transformational expansion of tranquility and peace

I want to re-story her glory to be the giant sphere of Green and shimmering sea and rapturously blue sky.

Earthscaped like she looks  from out in space, all glorious and floating and swirling.

Suspended perfectly in alignment with her orbital galactic brothers and sisters tilting in and out.

Swinging around the Fiery Sun in perfect harmony of elemental bliss and sustainability.


I want Harmony and Peace, and the clean air that gives to clear thinking and fresh inhales and warm exhales

Where the duality of dark and light has no fight in the re-union of each others shared moments.

A ecstatic way of Being within perfect alignment of Enlightened hearts and minds Unified.

On the green mossy grass of a forest floor where we lay our love down under the canopy of trees and blue.

And let the pulse of us beat and tremble in the enchantment of Love everlasting.


I hold sacred to the Ab-soul-lute Divine essence that abides within you and me beyond understanding

As the Earth makes her Shift in the agreements laid before time was declared to the yes we made lifetimes ago.

In the here and now  transforming each moment forgotten to be remembered as you choose it.  You choose.

With your awakening purpose and power to sustain Light and Love.  To sustain Light and Love.

We are the Ones.  We are One under the Sun and Moon on Earth ascending and remembering.








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