SHOWING UP.. A Path to Oneness

I can count on my hand the number of days I have not shown up here to be spontaneously poetic.  It’s interesting what it feels like, after nearly 600 days of writing, when I miss a day.  The first time I did that after over a hundred days of writing everyday, I felt disappointed in myself.  Now, I let it go and allow it to be OK.

I choose to not be my ‘worst enemy’ in self chastising.   Ya know?

It’s a new moment and I can begin again and again when ever the spirit moves me.



I showed up today being the same self  I was when I didn’t show up yesterday

My essence didn’t change.  The mirror says I look a little morning messy


Probably not messier than the bed head of most mornings.

A pillow wrinkle laid to my cheek and crust in the corner of eyes.


Everything else happened that happens when my feet hit the floor;

The bathroom visit, a quick take of self in mirror’s reflect,


Coffee put on, pet’s food anxiety assuaged, the sit down to the writer’s chair

It all happens in the same ol’ way I show up every morning here.


Here at the table of words from across the planet in cyber page after page

The story telling of overwhelming news that I discern to take in.


Breathing it all out of my filling brain before I’m consumed.

Quick to take notice of the morning rising so I can fill up on that first


Give me the new day, the chirp of birds, the scurry of squirrels,

The last of the brown leaves clinging to naked limbs, those rolling grey clouds.


I showed up today, feeling the wisdom Light of thousands of years fill me

That’s why I show up here  for the feeding of Spirit reminders


My essence didn’t change it expands in the gratitude to this devotion

The allowance of letting love and life fill my routined mornings


Of coffee and pets, and seasons changing,  and these words here for my giving

In remembrance of how I am connected to all of you and everything everywhere.


This is my path to Oneness











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One response to “SHOWING UP.. A Path to Oneness

  1. Linda Chapman

    Yes, yes… the path to Oneness… and the nature of Oneness itself. Wonderful.


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