With this beautiful sunny day here in Ann Arbor, mi. and the Obama family still residing in the White House, I am happy.    For me, I am reminded that what I feed grows and is nurtured.  What do I wish to nurture?  Fear?  or Love?

It’s a no brainer for me.  Ha… exactly Yes, get the brain outta the way and listen and feel my heart open and give kindness and Joy to all.  Nurture, Love.  Nurture laughter.  Nurture the image of a successful journey to equality that starts with me.  I don’t think I can say this enough.  “WE are the ONES we have been waiting for.”  WE are One.  There is no more waiting.


There need be no change of heart in outcomes

One outcome leads to the next one and the next

With a heart held open in kindness and peace

Space is held for goodness to expand and penetrate

No matter how far the reach or grave the mind

That gives way to images of negativity.



There is enough air to breath for all

Joy is at your command

Kindness rules the gentle heart

Peace is yours no matter what

If you believe it you will see and feel it

Awaken to all the beauty around you


You are the best outcome that can ever be



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