THE 12 (and on more) SIGNS of Good HEALTH

My friend Tanya sent this out on ‘The Face’ this morning.  I love it and I wanted to share it here.  I added a 13th sign.   I had to.  ya know?  I think it’s that lucky number 13.  I have followed these (in more ways than one) with one of my own little ‘ditties’ by using selected words from these ‘Signs’.


in my LIGHT


***The 12 (and one more) Warning Signs of Health***


(((Note, if 5 or more of these indicators are present, you maybe at risk for full-blown health)))


1. Persistent presence of a support network.

2. Tendency to frame events in a constructive light.

3. Episodic peak experiences.

4. Sense of spiritual involvement.

5. Increased sensitivity.

6. Tendency to adapt to changing conditions.

7. Rapid response and recovery of adrenaline system due to repeated healthy risk taking.

8. Increased appetite for physical activity.

9. Tendency to identify and communicate feelings.

10. Repeated episodes of gratitude & generosity.

11. Drawn toward contributing to society through service.

12. Persistent sense of humor.

13.  Feeling like you are fully present in your body and the moment.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Persistent tendency to construct your LIght

In episodic experiences of brilliance

As the Spirit of involvement magnifies your senses

A network of support welcomes the joy of Change


No spaces between response and recovery

You are already there full and present

Expressing your open heart with clarity

Gratitude and generosity holds you sacred


As you give and receive through your all to All

Joyful and laughing every opening to the next

Feeling the presences of each moment

As you embrace the wonder and magic of you.






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