Sippy the coffee… aaaahhh..  The pleasure of the brew.

Good morning.  There’s great stillness outside this a.m.  Not even a dead leaf still clinging to a branch is moving.  A white grey fills the sky in the quietude, makes me want to laze around and read and write.  Only, the call of coiffing and preening ‘my people’ must happen and then off to hear my dear friend Alan, play his lovely music in Hartland.  How appropriate; music from the heart in Hartland at the Kahuna Cafe.  6-8.  Should you be drifting by the Big Kahuna and wish to sink into a comfy atmosphere and some sweet music, stop on by.


The fire is not dampened by the tear

Nor the sprinkle from the grey clouds

What is lit inside flames strong

The call to passion goes beyond reason

It pulses with every heart beat


There is lightness within every breath

The air that feeds a flame with imaginings

Fills up desires call to take action

Or shimmer for a while longer in the warmth

The comfort of the inner hearth at rest


There is time for the fire and flame to rise

To light up as beacon in cold grey gloom

For those that have yet awakened to their flame

And need feel the basking of LIght everlasting

In the soul flickering call to Home


What beautiful flames we all are

Lit up from the inside out glowing

There is no getting away from your light

I have seen it and I see you .



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