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Sippy the coffee.  Watch the day rise.  Tease the pets. Listen to the sounds of the house waking up.  Wondering how my old dog can still rally for his toys and manage to have them strewn about the house in a matter of minutes.  I love that the puppy in him still gives himself to all his toys.  My ToyBoy.  The KittyBoy, with no interest in most toys, except for a couple of finger puppets that he enjoys tossing about and then ‘drowning’ them in the water bowls, lays within the pile of collected dog toys at the window.  What a pair these furry children are.

Sniff and snort, meow and hiss

Furry children give sounds like this


Dog is God, Cat is Tac

Sit around and think on that


Love them up, pet them down

Both of them like to clown around


Little dear Ones, sweet and kind

I like to torture them all the time


Make me giggle, fill up my heart

With them around life is never stark


I can only hope they never die

As is known this is a big fat lie


So love them up and tease them sweet

Furry children are such a treat


Lucky you if you have them too

Love them dearly love them true







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