Today, I begin studying in the All Faith Seminary, out of New York to become a minister.  WOW.  I know, right? Rev. Jeanne.  That made me shimmer just to write that.  I think Just Jeanne is good.

I am excited to take this on and in to my life.  Another stepping stone, and more tools to gather in my bag and quiver to support what I believe are shifting times.  The Mystic in me rejoices with every opportunity to know the wonder in joy and magic that I believe is everywhere and in everything, all the time.  Love is all ya need.  AND… I love laughing as much as possible.

The Earth is shifting.  I am shifting.  And for me, in the Global shift, I desire to part of change and the positive experience with in the dynamic of these shifts.   Can you feel it?   12.12.12.  well, I can’t think that far ahead, being a ‘Be Here Now’ kinda gal, and I feel the rising energy for some magnificent Evolutionary change….soon

Regardless of any of it.  There is too much to share around it all for me here and I’m gonna listen to a little song in my mind… “This lil’ Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine….”  You know the tune… let’s sing it out loud shall we?


The Earth knows  her Falling and Springing

Her blooms and her death, she let’s it all go

Her Seasons come out to play in their uninhibitedness

They Dance and spar with each other.

Claiming the green shoot and the scented bloom

Finishing in spice with a shiver of white ice

Called for in repeat performance year after year


All the faith of them share the journey

A yearly seminar of elemental discourse

Even in their vying for champion

They all know the outcome is equal

No matter the longitude or latitude

Where summer never rises, and winter claims it all.

Where desert hungers for more water and bloom

Balance seeks itself somewhere in the somehow.


Today, with a nip in the air and leaves a bed in my yard

I have a seed that just sprouted a tip of spring green

I’ll let it take root within the Sunshine of my heart

I’ll breathe all the winter air in to feed it

And drink from the well of kindness to nurture it

It is safe here, inside of me, a growing wish

A little sprout of peace to birth when it’s time comes

When it’s time comes







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  1. Linda Chapman

    blossoms beckon. beautiful!


  2. Jackie Landry

    Good for you,you will make a fine minister. This song has been on my ipod for some time now.


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