I wonder if one day, when at last words make no difference in the ‘end all Be All’ and my breath still fogs a mirrors; will my desire, want, need to write still call me forth to lay my words down?   There is an ego in me that still believes words heard in a certain way, fill certain people up into some deep knowing and understanding of the Universe around and within them. (They still do for me)   And in that filling up of mystery, or awakening, or an ‘ah-ha’ moment, something wondrous opens and unfolds in the heart that can best be described as ‘The Light of Love’.  This  connection with the magnificence of the Life we lead, and the possibility that we are all connected beyond with what seems so mundane, yet is so glorious when you really take a look around at this beautiful planet and All that shares it.


And My questions to myself is:   Who am I to think/feel that my ramblings have significance to others on their journey to find themselves how ever that finding is desired, wanted, needed?  And what if you have never felt lost, or not questioned the significance of Being Here Now?  Or you don’t really care?  Should I care about that for you when I know that you have all the answers you will ever need to find what ever way calls you up to living as the best self you can be?


I like to think/feel, I write for me, just lil’ ol’ me.  If that were so, I’d probably stop sharing on this blog with you and let this journal be stashed somewhere convenient to me so I can blabber in silence.  The truth for me is; that this is one of my Ways to give back what I have found to be profoundly amazing and spiritually awakening; to be reminded of how wonderful it is to be able to sit here and write every morning, and share that with whom ever finds themselves drawn to be here.  Thank you for your visit.    And by no means do I believe that every thing I write is full of profundity, and great Universal wisdom, as I sit here every morning waiting for some words to combine from some feeling/thought that I have, to free flow and spill out here.


I have let you in on my mornings and my heart’s desires, and my deepest yearnings for Peace, Light, and Kindness, and plenty of Laugher and Joy for everyone and everything.  I KNOw… beyond a shadow of doubt, I am One with Infinity, and that in that Oneness, I am awakening to my Divinity and Love everlasting.  I am a magical being. I am the mystery I have always been seeking.   I’m lots of fun. And, I will do my best to see the light of love and divinity in your eyes even when I am not sure I can bare to look at you or him or her.  I am connected, heart to heart even when it hurts.


Heart to heart as One

Beats together to Lightness

Cradle Loves greening


Before or after

Does not exist in the Now

Your are this moment


Believe that it is

It is yours to be seen that way

See only love’s light








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