ooooh geez… my friend Julia Hawkins is here preparing for her performance at the Kerry Town Concert House this evening.  http://www.kerrytownconcerthouse.com/index.php/events/event/the_broads_way/    It will be most entertaining.  Ticket are still available.   Do visit the website and take a look for yourself.  Come out and be entertained with me.

I’m badgering her to ‘youtube’ herself.  Right?  Go viral Julia.


Laugh and be moved as joy spills your way

Take many moments to find ways to play

Why not give giggles most of the day?


Work all those face muscles lift up that frown

It happens for sure when Julia is around

I’m hoping that girl will move back to town


Why not a good time instead of a mope

Remember the wisdom of a well told joke

Laughter will take you beyond just a cope


To cope means to deal with a difficult moment

To cope means a cappa, a cloak worn by priest as a garment

To Julia a cappa is  to “cappa a feel” on your firmament


I’m trying to make this poem make some sense

Making it rhyme and capture Julia’s comments

So pretend your with me as I give this relent


What’s not to giggle about with a ‘cappa a feel’

Off the tip of her tongue sippying the coffee

I’m just saying she’ll make you laugh and reel


Come see my Julia for a special bawdy retreat

At the Kerry Town Concert HOuse for a meet and a greet

She’ll sing you some broadway with her own heat and beat



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