The Ides of November….  zoom and 12 12 12 will be here and well, you decide what Lights you up in the Love of everything.

You’re in charge.

Lots of celebration the last couple of days with my friend Julia and friends.  Fabulous.  Sleepy and need to get some bizness done.  ya know?  Yawwn… stretch it out…

There is no swallowing the yawn

The release begs to be given

Oxygen in and then out.


A filling of the brain power

in a wide mouth plunge for big air

to expand the lungs power


A sneeze or several in rapid repeat

Does what the yawn can’t in a wallop of

thunderous exhale shuttering the body


Forbidding the delicacy of it demanding

Exuberance in full blown blasts of wind

teased out in one giant exclamation


Closest thing to an orgasm if you give in to it

No fool resides in me when filled to a climax

of such magnitude and the bellow must be given.


Yawn or sneeze?  why not both?






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3 responses to “YAWN OR SNEEZE?

  1. I yawned right after reading this 😀 …. maybe it’s me being tired….:P


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