this foggy morning.. 19 nov. 2012

I was visited early this morning.  I looked to the clock that still hangs an hour ahead of the truth of this timeline; 6:13.  5:13 was too early for feet to floor.  Not too early for the waking voice that nudged at my consciousness, popped my eyes wide open.  There was no telling if it was inside or outside of me.  I’m not sure it mattered till it did.  

I had a quickening of breath and heart beat as it formed to my body inside and out.  I didn’t want to stop it.  It had words for me.  Feelings.  It had assurance.  Wisdom.  It had everything I ever imagined.  Spirit.  I thought I might die right there and then.  Not my timeline.  And I wasn’t Light enough or so I told myself… Not quite yet.  Not quite yet.

I had questions.  Wouldn’t you? IT appeased me with answers like… “Yes”.  And, “You are ready.” and.. “Ascension is happening right now.”  and… “breathe, and remain present”….”It’s all in perfect order”  and “you are perfect” … and other things that right now I hold to myself as I feel those answers sooth within my heart and soul. The desire to live by the truth that we are All  One and have always been.  I am my W-Holy Grail.    I thought to rise and write them down.  I laid there allowing.

Feeling only Love…    



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2 responses to “VISITATION

  1. Linda Chapman

    Source whispers clearly heard are an astonishment and a gift. It is a joy to hear the conversation!


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