In my early years of experiencing poetry, I always thought it had to rhyme and have specific stanza in some sort of orderly fashion.  Much of what I read once past 14, seemed so esoteric and confusing.  I would wonder, what the heck did all that mean cause people were saying it’s good and amazing and …. well, very little of it made sense to me not even if I urged myself to read the poem over several times.  I was turned off and dismissed it.  Except for Dr. Seuss, cause he was playful and rhythmic and comprehensible in a totally entertaining way.  right?


My first real feeling for poetry came in my late teens with Kahlil Gibran  and his book The Prophet.  Everything about his words touched me.  The spirit of his writing, his story telling, the lack of rhyme, the flow, the human connection to being connected to each other; I felt pulled into something grand and meaningful in a way I guess I was ready to ‘hear’ and be engaged in.  I have given that book to many people over the years.


Poetry that moves me, seems to be the melding of nature and the human Spirit.  The metaphor found in what is outside of us living inside of us.  The magnificent connection to what might seem unlikely, and yet is perfectly aligned with some kind of Alchemy that makes stars out of dirt and leaves.  The beauty in the asymmetry of life and the rising of love from the heart’s remembrances.


There has never been a time I have not loved you

Even in the despicable face of your violence and insanity

Love resides, I just forgot in the fear of it

Fear and Love suffer with no embrace

Until I love the fear away in my awakening


I will find a way to Love the fear away

When the earth cracks open, and the sea consumes,

and vortex of wind sucks away life, and

Sun gives no relent for weeks.


And you, swallowed the seasons in their terror

to gather and spewed them from your pain and fear

in every way the ‘dark night of your soul’ could

I will love you anyway.


Love is the way to peace.  It’s the way through fear.

I choose love.







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3 responses to “CHOOSE LOVE

  1. Linda Chapman

    My contemplation in recent weeks is bringing everything into the sacred space…. my concerns, what I see as inequities, and most certainly fear. This poem speaks to that process in a most meaningful way.


  2. I remember the first poet I read and felt some recognition with was Rod McKuen, and then a very good poet/professor I had in college was kind enough not to laugh at the fact that I had read and liked McKuen. He said, “McKuen was a good start,” and I liked that. I agree with you–you have to “feel” the poetry.


  3. Kate Drinkwater

    Amen, Jeanne. I choose love along with you, sister, even in the despicable face of violence and insanity; especially in the face of violence and insanity.


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