My friend Mark made a wonderful road trip, hike, and spiritual journey recently and took a gagillion pictures.  Maybe three gagillion pictures.   Really, awesome.  So, I being the kinda gal I am, I stole a few of those pics,  (yes, I did) and decided with kinda sorta permission from him to write some poetry in relationship to them.  

Remember, I make this stuff up in the moment and it might not do justice to the wonder and depth of his magical journey.  And… they invoked feelings and stories for me.  Like when you see a piece of art and tho’ you have no idea the intention of the artist, you are pulled in to some intimacy and story about it that moves you in some way or another.

The land that Mark traveled has that ancient alien landscape, or so it seems to me living in the lushness of the Midwest, that provokes a shiver of long ago, lifetimes ago, otherworldly living that whispers memories of another place  and land I lived on with others.


Aches park… down the desert rabbit hole


Alice channeled this vision quest

Sent me to this desert rabbit hole

Chasing the wind and Sun

On this terra cotta landscape

of hard memories buried deep


Chiseled in Earth stone caverns

Eroded deep by rivers rapid hunger

Glacial art for some wondering ologist

And me at this portal heart racing

No St Peter at this gateway


Entrance is guaranteed when ready

In the sea beyond stone and sky

This invitation to step through

Shivers the Kundalini heat

From molten lava to Heaven


Wonderland has it’s token

To lay down the body temple

At the other side in the beyond the Dream

For the new reality to a Love fest

In the everlasting quest for Being.


YOu chased the Wind and Sun 

To this far enough place of heaven on earth

You only have to follow the rabbit

into the terra cotta portal of dreams 

Alice is waiting on the other side






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  1. Mark

    You captured a core feeling I had while out there Jeanne. Well done!


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