I want the Earth to change.  To have  her re-birthing in transformational expansion of tranquility and peace

I want to re-story her glory to be the giant sphere of Green and shimmering sea and rapturously blue sky.

Earthscaped like she looks  from out in space, all glorious and floating and swirling.

Suspended perfectly in alignment with her orbital galactic brothers and sisters tilting in and out.

Swinging around the Fiery Sun in perfect harmony of elemental bliss and sustainability.


I want Harmony and Peace, and the clean air that gives to clear thinking and fresh inhales and warm exhales

Where the duality of dark and light has no fight in the re-union of each others shared moments.

A ecstatic way of Being within perfect alignment of Enlightened hearts and minds Unified.

On the green mossy grass of a forest floor where we lay our love down under the canopy of trees and blue.

And let the pulse of us beat and tremble in the enchantment of Love everlasting.


I hold sacred to the Ab-soul-lute Divine essence that abides within you and me beyond understanding

As the Earth makes her Shift in the agreements laid before time was declared to the yes we made lifetimes ago.

In the here and now  transforming each moment forgotten to be remembered as you choose it.  You choose.

With your awakening purpose and power to sustain Light and Love.  To sustain Light and Love.

We are the Ones.  We are One under the Sun and Moon on Earth ascending and remembering.








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  1. Patricia Ramsay

    yes, yes, yes!


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