There is an art to patience. It’s a cleverly crafted state of mind and being that invites the attendee to step into a slow (e)motionally moment or two or three: breathe several times in a riveting display of peacefulness and calm, like you bought that tee shirt in the 70’s, right?  And you let go of the need to barrel through, full throttle, into the moment with just that little quiver at your edges so as not to overtly display your new found cleverness, that leads others to believe you are truly a patient human.


Personally, I think there is alchemy that must occur for some of us, as the process of patience inhibits the spontaneity of grabbing a moment and having it be just as raw as it can be.  And you, hung there by the seat of your pants with a bellow of Yippees, and insane laughter as the rush of it drugs your brain in endorphins  and  saturated adrenalin.  No room for a patient moment now.  A new kinda art is being produce and the canvas has no boundary.  Seems that alchemy might be made by  dirt and tree roots plus snot makes for the speed of light.  Of some such nonsense.  (I shrug my shoulders)


There is some poetic grace within this ramble rant cause I’ve been trying to integrate my Mac with the rest the world wide computers and with Mercury retrograde and all hell cut loose, my patience was laid to the dirt and root of me and it made my head spin and my nose run, thus the snot.  And not one dang damn thing moved any faster than frickin’ treacle.

My patience has been tried. And being the artist that I am, I’m going to take incredibly slow, long breathes, get centered, breathe some more, close my eyes in great gratitude and peace, and go shopping.


Patience a no go

A slow down in dissidence

Unlikely pairing


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4 responses to “IS THERE ART IN PATIENCE?

  1. brendan217

    That is very nicely written. I love the connection you are making. I agree with you. Patience is very creative. I used to not express myself, then I used to express everything about me with very little patience and holding back, then I went back to being more reserved. If we don’t control anything about ourselves, then our life lacks intent and therefore meaning. I think this is what patience is all about; intent and like what you said, art. Patience gives us the intent to create. It allows us to step back for a moment and visualize, feel, embrace and finally express what our utmost passion and intent truly is.

    Very beautifully well written, Jeanne.

    your friend!


    • Yes Brendan. Intention acts of living. Breathing into the space of allowing what will happen to happen and to have the patience to fill up and feel Love in everything. Thanks for your comment.. I love comments. love n’ light my friend


  2. there is art in everything, I guess,

    poetry itself is a form of art.


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