I’ve been reading some lovely poetry on line from the various people that I have connected to in the cyberworld.  If you track down my blog on the side you’ll see some of them.  Take a look at the ‘posts I like’.  The community of writers out in the lands beyond is significant and very present if you go looking.  Like all cyber space journeys, one leads to another, to another, and on.  Like getting trapped in YouTube and 3 hours has joyfully slipped away.


Slip away here for awhile in the cool comfort of inspiration

Slip away here when the laze of you needs solace and ponder

Slip away here with a morning cuppa and open heart 

Slip away here when down looks like up in the grey gloom


Meet here in the spirit of possibilities 

Grab the rainbow thread of connection

At the tap of your fingers to anywhere

And find yourself here for awhile


Be Here Now where there is no place other than

The place you breathe in right now

Be Here Now where love is all there is

Where here is right where you have always been










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  1. brendan217

    what is up with my face under your ‘like’ icon. I don’t like that scary thing icon thing. I like your take on losing 3 hours to youtube. Most of the time I hear about people who complain about being sucked into losing 3 hours. This is very peaceful though. Slip away. Slip away. Slip away.. It’s all okay. Love at its best – when everything is okay. No need to worry about ‘losing’ 3 hours. Your post makes it all okay 🙂


    • Ah thanks Again Brendan. A little voice in my meditation says to me, “Allow”. I take that to mean allow what fills me with creative joy and Light to slip right on in and have me as I am. Time is an illusion. I’ll be glad when it doesn’t matter in certain ways anymore.


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