27 Nov. 2012… yeowza!  We’re coming to the end of this month at the beginning of this day.  Considering I think time is created to sustain the duality of living here on EArth, and that time is illusionary in an Infinite Universe; I sure do give the speed of it a lot of energy and pondering.  I think I even give it a little whine, a little disgust, once in awhile.  What kind of ‘Be Here Now-ness is that?  Exactly.  It’s a rant that need not happen again.

Sippy the coffee in all it’s dark brew-ness.  I invite you to relax and let this little poetic visualization settle peace within your being.



 Breathe.  Settle into your chair. Wiggle into the most comfortable position.  

Breathe. Let your inhales and exhales support the comfort of this moment.

There is no hurry, nothing else you have to do.  Only to be here right now.

Allow yourself to relax and let all the angst of your busy mind melt away.

Breathe into this comfort, this peace as your body gives in to the relaxation.

In your minds eye give your imagination to a beautiful  place on this Earth.

YOu know this place well, even if you only travel there in your mind.

Let yourself go there now.  Breathe yourself into this incredible place that knows only Love.

Notice the little details, the curve of the land, the smell of the sea,  the taste of the air

The palette of colors that surround you. Reach out and touch, feel, caress it.

Breathe in the glory of it all.  This is your sacred place of joy and pleasure.

It is a place for your heart to experience and expand within .

You are the only one here in the presence of this Earthly treasure. 

And only you can invite someone or thing to be present here with you.

Breathe it in and let yourself BE presence here with natures love all around you. 

You are completely safe here.  Only love resides here.  It is timeless here.

And you only have to imagine something positive and loving for it to be with you.

This is your sanctuary.  A place to give your peace of mind to and imagination to.

Breathe it all in and let every cell in your body feel it, and know it, and remember it.

And as you breathe this all in begin to feel yourself in your chair. 

Feel the comfort of your body settle in as it slowly begins to wiggle.

Your toes, your fingers, your legs.  Wiggle them.  Let your eyes open

Noticing where you are.  Feeling the peace of this journey as you come back to now.

Breathe.  Breathe in your surround as you still smell the linger of your sacred place.

Any time you wish to revisit this place.  You simply imagine it so.   It waits for you

Always, it waits for you to be present there in safety and joy, and Love.


Have a wonder day.

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