I don’t know about ya’ll, and I’ve been lookin’ for the Right Way.  Which implies there is a Wrong Way which sets in motion for my busy, active, overly imaginative mind, a contradiction in my beliefs (which box me up real tight) that All Ways get you where you need to be.  Are you with me on this one?  Let me busy this one around a bit more, cause I can.

If in the Cosmic, Infinite, Universe … (yes, all that),  anything is possible. (why wouldn’t it be), then there would not be a Right/Wrong Way.  There would be No Way cause Infinity by it’s definition and nature is inclusive.  Kinda like anything goes in the Infinite immense of what  is impossible to describe even when we do our best to describe it.

If you look to the definition of Infinity it very well matches some of what the definitions and expressions of God, Source, ONeness, Spirit, Goddess, etc. is;  The unknowable, beyond understanding, limitless, no beginning or ending.   Spirit, Source, God, has a much more expansive definition:  all knowing, all powerful, omni-present, supreme being, etc.

What I’m I’m getting at here, (I hope) is that my pursuit of ‘The Right Way’ is limited and define only by me and thus not so very inclusive.  Doesn’t make it bad, only limited in breadth and possibility.  And, I am looking for a much more vast, inclusive, infinite ‘Way’ of embracing what God/Goddess, Spirit, Source, Oneness IS for me.

I’m giving up on searching for ‘THE Right Way’.  That’s right, I said it here, I made the profession.  It’s All Right when I give myself to kindness, joy, love, compassion, forgiveness, laughter.  Lots of laughter.  LOts of seeing joy and care in what doesn’t always feel that way.   It is ALL The Way from here on out for this girly geezer.

I’m in IT with all of ya.

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