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Gathering closure as the year finds her end.

Sitting in the chat of family in front of the fire.

Challenged  in the distraction; ears pulled by conversation.



There is not resolute to what already is

As the new year readies to raise it’s cup

And the ball rises to drop for it’s final fall


In the bringing call of a declared new beginning

When what comes to mind and heart in this final hour

Is what was and wasn’t for the year that passes into shadow


Celebrating the joy and sorrows in the reminiscences

Calculating the year to come with intent and resolve

Hopeful of the prosper and goodness to caress possibilities


Charge up the light to come with full beam ahead

For the clear passage of what might unfold in our desire

Pushing the shadow of before and what might come


Out into the Light before the incredulous surprise

That living moment to moment is the only resolve

De-solves the fear of what was done and what might come


In the what it is right now for your filling up on

No matter the hope and intent, the resolve in the resolute

Make the gather of your tomorrows in the pleasure of your now


In the goodness and kindness of your seconds

In the care and comfort of your moment to moment

In the heart and mind free of what is dark or light


Or wrong or right when the highest good is called forth

And the only resolution is to go beyond fear

Be Love, Be loved, Be the love you wish to see and feel


What IS… is Love.  Be resolute in your Love


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Found Language…

As the year comes to a close, and my family gathers at The Dease for fun and cheer, I gather the ‘one liners’ that roll off their lips as they buzz and chat away, laughing and enjoying each other.  I invited Sarah and Katie to also gather them and come this evening we will share what got said for some evening entertainment.

Always in a group, there is one somebody that has the gift of funny with their words and somehow manages to string sentences like no other that send us all to giggles.  As funny as all of us can be,(we’re a funny lot) Randie, is the man for the morning hahas’.  Really, Randie has a special gift of off handed humor that is rare.   It seems to be becoming shared by his eldest and it’s likely the youngest will find his way to the tradition.  The day has only just begun.  Let the one liners roll.

Christmas at The Dease 2012 frost on the car window

Strings of words gathered like colored lights

Wrap us like a Christmas tree in their twinkle

with festive good cheer that catches the lights off

our clear eyes while feasting our ears on each word


Rainbow stands of  exaggeration hold us to the teller

for the pot at the end holds every story that needs telling

In the gold drenched glory of remembering

Pulled in spontaneously for our unwrapping


We wear our ribbons around our neck and the bows

our jester’s hat filling up with memories to be retold

In the not to long from now in our next gathering

Grateful for how family washes clean, leaving us full of our colors


Rising our Light high in and for the praise of the story

Wearing our colored lights, and ribbons and bows

that bear our traditions worthy of repeating again and again

Passing the strings of words from one to other in the ever after









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Dease Lake and Grandpa’s visit

The Dease Lake… Back again for the New Year and the Full Moon. We wait on the snow to snuggle us in and make for winter play.  NO go in the thin layer of white puff that dead grass sticks up through.

 I laughed instead of howled last night with the family fest gathering and the assorted stories that find there way to the shared telling.  Ghostly stories of spirits visitations and odd phenomena held our attention in the late afternoon.  The kids made many ‘ooos and ahha’.  There were several, “Don’t you dare visit me when you die, I’ll be really pissed off.”  Or… “I don’t understand how that can happens.”  or.. “I NEVER want that to happen to me.”

I say, ‘Ya well, get ready for it, and be sure to ask if you can help their discarnate selves cross over, rather than run out the door screaming in terror of something that can’t hurt you.’  

Kids.  So… that got the evening rolling.  

A streak of snow

A streak of snow


Grandpa Beier stood at the end of my bed

All young and fresh looking, glowing 

with the backdrop of light and figure shadows

A smile spread like the Cheshire

With a wink and a nod of ‘you know me’

Which I did as I quivered with excitement.


Mind to mind in the wordless moment

Of ‘Yes, I’m doing fine. It’s beautiful.’

The assurance of Light and life everlasting

Wide eyed with my sit up straight in bed 

Can hardly believe my eyes kinda look.

Realizing a little tear trickled down my cheek


He shimmered away taking that grin

And all the light away while I sat there thrilled

Blinking in the wonder of it with the knowing

That Grandpa was doing well and everyone

was behind him shadow dancing their joy

With me looking on as the night took me back in






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The white blanket is a comfort.  Swaddled over the land like Jesus in the manger.

That chill of surprised safety that comes being tucked in at night in a strange land

Surround by the familiar that casts winter over the bare naked of you when you need it most

That carries the permeable heat of the flame in the hearth from the heart radiant over you.


Feeling warm in the questionable wonder of how this winter blanket gives shelter and protection

And here it is all blank and austere called forth by the season to give rest to the land

Gives silence and a deep peace to the slow liquid pulse of the inner being-ness of life

Settled in, rooted to this land that gives of herself, in the hot and dry, freeze and wet.


Snow invites the promise of Spring green laid snowflake upon snowflake to the land

For her safety and comfort in the quiet time, with no right or wrong of it, with no regret.

No challenge, for the journey is perfect as it is when silence reminds you of the promise

And with your roots buried deep and you core flame fed gently, your greening is guaranteed



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I gather to me this morning a prompt by the lovely Jill Badonsky, my creativity coach.  It is a simple prompt that stirs me up in a mostly gentle sorta way.


“I notice”


I notice I feel over fed and fat after Christmas dinner.

I woke clenching my newly developing belly role

I notice that that feeling is subversive and gets in the way of my joy.

Breathe it away.


I notice that feeling the quiet gets noisy with a busy mind

Too much of the download of busy keeps the upload of peace away

I notice that I’m busy seeking peacefulness

Be the peace


I notice the rich smell of coffee wafting up my nose

Sippy the rush into this morning body

I notice my mouth is full of French roast

A gentle race of awakening


I notice that I’m sad for not noticing more of the ‘Shift’ of 21/12/12

Realizing it’s about the inner shift of my consciousness evolving

I notice that even tho’ I ‘get that’ I wanted my star family to make appearances

Releasing disappointment


I notice my little dog aging and rallying for minutes at a time in joy

Wanting to not be too busy else where to notice his charms

I notice my dismissiveness and seek to dismiss it

Find joy in the sweet, small things of life


I notice the crisp whip of winter’s breath up my nose

freezing the little hairs on an inhale

I notice that I want my body warm and safe

Embracing the season


I notice the steel blue of the lake as the swans ease through the coming freeze

Glad to be tucked into the warmth of the house and the lights of the Christmas tree

I notice how the steel blue is dark to the left and hues to a cold pale grey across the lake

Wanting more Sun


I notice that I notice life’s pulse all the time and mostly move too fast to allow the sensorial of it in

Slow down.  slow down.

What do you notice?






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Madonna rednude altered

Merry is here wearying her red Christmas dress

Every possible chance she makes a whirl and a prance

Releasing her Joy she gives her merry away

Rallying around love on this new Christmas day

Yesterdays gone, tomorrow not yet, now is her all, as she smiles and taps


Clearly our Merry gathers all the Good cheer

Hers for the asking with no hesitate or fear

Really our Merry has always shared her flare and her sass

In various dresses and diverse holiday hats

She celebrates each day with Joy and great Love

Today is a red dress riding Santa’s sleigh from above

Merry is with us 365, in 24 hours there’s no compromise

Always she there to remind you that you are the prize

Share all your goodness, give all your moments away


GAther your loved ones to your heart on the Merry Christmas day.



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Tis’ the day before Christmas, three days past ‘The End’

The planet still thrives and most of us tend

To the daily rhythm of living how ever that be

Some prepare to gather with family neath a lit Christmas tree

Some take the Day how ever it might be


For those disappointed that the World did not quiver and shift

For reason that many can not imagine and some wonder ‘what if?’

More peace and more care, more kindness, no war

Might we wake up one day and only goodness will pour

All over the Earth and we at last embrace something more


Like the sugar plum fairies and the magic of bliss

Like how opposites at last find no conflict in the All of all this

How love transforms every negative thought that lingers deep

How at last we all see Oneness as the One giant leap

Into the pot of humanity all mixed up in the love steep


The trample of hoofs on your snowy roof top

A metaphor to hear consciousness wake you up with a pop

As it slides down your chimney into your hearth and your home

It invites and ignites your deep passion to find joy where ever you roam

The magic in the gift from the magic of life’s poem


If in the ‘wake up’ to give an end to what serves no good cause

Than this day before Christ-mas could unite us all just because

We shifted in the realize we’re all of the same breath

That in an Infinity Universe there is no end and no death

We are threads in the glorious grand weave within the waft of the weft


Tis’ the day before Christmas, 2012, give the gift of yourself

Wrapped up in big jolly and sparkle, feeling your inner elf

Have fun in the giving, to give is to receive

Hold Love in your heart on this Christmas Eve.








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