Find a teacher. Teach only Love.

My morning visit to Face book brought me to this article written by David Cain.  I have never heard of him and now I hope to follow his ‘wisdom’ around and see what else he has to say.  I think this article is brilliant.  I invite you all to take a read of it and let it settle into your consciousness.



“HOw To Deal With People Who Frustrate You’.   

Essentially, David is saying, in my words.  Imagine all people, and I mean EVERyONe, especially those that bug the living bejesus outta ya, as enlightened beings here to share a lesson and teaching for you.  It simply requires you to be paying attention and getting off your own ‘high horse’ of being right and paying attention to the lesson.  Rather than let a situation and person make your day and moments ugly and negative; shift your attitude by seeing this as a opportunity to take charge of the moment and find goodness in the opportunity of enhancing your goodness for positive change.  What lesson in the moment do you need to ‘Get’?


This is one of David’s quotes.  mmmm. 

“Only when you convince yourself that you know more than your teacher can you fail to learn.”  DAvid Cain.


There’s no going back to that old grief

That big hurt I let you give me

It absorbed through all my pores

in the searing anguish of heart break


There’s no going back to that 

And why would I? Why wrap myself

In all that fire that took my breath away

Blistered and raw from the inside out


We had no love of self with no love to give

Illusive we grieved our flesh together

HOpeful for love’s repent and histories lies

In the sweat and fraught of our joining


The difference now is that my heart is healed

Still soft and tender, un-scathed in my forgiving

And  you were the greatest gift of all

In the knowing that giving of self is not to lose self


A vulnerable heart is not a weakness

And true love is found in the bliss defined

By the care in my own heart felt wisdom

Vast enough to gather love in all it’s gifts











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