yesterday got away from my poetry blogging, at least in the sharing of it here.  I sent out two ‘Love’ poems that I diligently reworked late into the night and early morning to be published here >>>> at Dancing Horse Group Media.

Mikhail Feldman nude small

I present one of them to you…


Breath’s Moist Hunger


I inhaled his air as he passed

It tasted of yesterday’s yearning

And last night’s lonely


I didn’t want that in my lungs

I didn’t want that through my body

My exhale didn’t rid the breath of him


It’s what we do when breathing

The wind holds us in whirls and swirls

Wisps of exhale caught in the inhale


For a moment I gasped in the clean fresh of trees

Even out my breath to morning dew and green

To open sky and the call of crows


Out goes the lonely yearning

In with the verdant and open sky

Fills me wide and clean as a bird flies


I linger here with the trees

With the flow of air caught to flight

And azure blue becomes my breath.


The wander of lovers draped in lust

Pass me with desire’s breath

Of poems and sweat on rumpled sheets


I give them my breath of wings and blue

I gulp in deep their moist hunger

I let it fill my body.








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5 responses to “BREATH’S MOIST HUNGER

  1. wonderful, lyrical poem of longing…thanks!


  2. Very nicely done – very sensual! It easily brings imagery to mind. Restated: it sure made my synapses fire! Again, great poem!


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