There is a serge of Creativity flowing into me the last couple of days.  I let it flow out and around me as it has an intense overwhelm about it that I haven’t quite decided what to do with it yet.  I let it be.  I let it fill me from the inside out, and wait to see what it will do with me when it gather’s a focus and invites me to actually take some action on it’s behalf.

I try to find patience.  Give to the lightness of it and let that little voice that keeps tapping at my mind saying, ‘Allow’.

And I breathe…






Breathe me in Wholly

In shimmer of Light Divine

Spread me Infinite


Spread me Infinite

Give focus to the shatter

Gather only love


Gather only love

Inhale the sweet with the pain

It’s all in Oneness


It’s all in Oneness

It has always been this way

All ways lead you home


All ways lead you home

You are The Way to yourself

Heart opens to LIght


Heart opens to Light

Inhale exhale, again and

Breathe yourself Holy


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