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OK… So after several visits to the dentist to save my tooth; a cap, a root canal, and now… gonna yank that puppy out.  Eeeek.   I know ya’ll wanted to know this and be it me to deny you that info.


Ether was the way to go. Put the child out n’ under. Probe and poke and pull.

Terror Terror in the waking. Hallucination. and more terror

There is no wonder the horror of decades past to rise to the hard buzz of the drill

The nose fills with burn of decay and old rot hidden beneath silver amalgam.


Mouth full of cotton. A locked jaw gapping cavern of an ol’ pie hole tinged of coffee

The whoosh of water with the slurp of suction and the hard bolt of air

Make way for the silver sharp probe of dig and drill.  The clean away of dead.

Terror slips away to acceptance with the old shiver of fear behind closed eyes.


Pull the fricking thing out.  Yank it away so the split ends it’s ache

Some parts of me just have to go with a life well spent on chewing.

Get it out.  It’s done holding it’s space in this mouth.

Yank that old tooth and let me live with that gap


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