Again, I am reminded of the power of being present in the moments.  


The no matter of what has been or will be, or might be.

The gift lives in the open heart held to no judgement

A way that is right or wrong is only in the limited thinking of it

A Close down of possibility in an expansive Universe


How you wake to the morning and inhale the Sun and sky

Feet to the Earth going where you decide to go in your moment.

In the sudden shift of decision that another pivot to the left

Is the better way for your feet to carry you in Earths call

That trembles up your legs to your heart listening deep


Now going in exactly the right direction, and then you always were

Duality dances in endless metaphor of the right and wrong 

Always wrong may be what is right for your weaving to the Divine

You know if your listening to the highest good of that last pivot

As you wander and are not lost enjoying the scenery.


There is no where that the highest good is not shimmering



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