sippy the coffee … stretch out to the morning.  Feeling lazy and content.   Another blue sky day that deceives warmth and in reality it’s chilly willy out there.  I breathe it all in and let it settle and steep in my body.  Feeling great gratitude for yesterdays quietude and meditation, and for the evening gathering of people at the Interfaith Center sharing and connecting to Spirit.  Words, and ya’ll know how I lovz my words, are inadequate for the stream of goodness and light I hold gently to my heart, sending it back and out to the world.

This is what spills from me in this moment.



Light travels a whisper, a wisp

of breath in spiral chant

no longer a small echo


Fills and sends what has

always been here waiting

for hearts to gather voice


Sings in the out loud

after the quiet folds you in

Expands the inner light


Aglow and no longer wistful

of what isn’t to the what is

In the peaceful call home


Content to be here now

without agenda with great intent

centered in the Heart of all


A whisper in the speed of light

A spiral chant of Divine breath

of a thousand wisps convergent


Knowing you better now

breathing you in wholly


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