This morning there was a relatively strong earthquake off the coast of California near Avalon, a southern, small city in California.

As a lover of The Autherian tale, of Avalon, The Lady of The Lake, the Knights of the Round Table, and Morgana Le Fey;  I for some reason felt a little jolt in myself.  The symbolism just sort of flooded my consciousness for a moment.  The magic of Avalon, is awakening, quaking.  The isle and lake that forged the magic in Excalibur gifted by the Lady of the Lake: what wonders great myths give symbol to.  And today, an Avalon quakes.

I thinks to me self:  What story rises again to reveal more mystery to the noticing observer?  What ‘sword’ rises up for the taking to fight fear away and give clarity to what needs to be known?  Who will lead the way?

glastonbury-tor. Avalon

This is a site that will give you a very general story of the Isle of Avalon and the celtic tale.



Hidden long by disbelief in magic that once was steeped

In tales of joust and warrior feats

An Isle of Glass, a Lady rose from the deep


In the fog the isle disappeared no ears could listen or hear

The veil be drawn tho very near

To be seen and felt with release of fear


Magic is as magic does. Tis ever present ever was

When in the quest belief does pause

The Grail still waits it must because


Tis in this quest a warrior finds beyond the fears that bind

A knowing that the heart reveals

To boat the waters where the deep can heal


A helping hand lifts from the deep awaking you from the sleep

Forgotten power to fears defeat

A sword to clear away what needs release


Oh Avalon rise again, give your magic from where you’ve always been

HIdden from our fear that we

Might be more powerful and at last we see


Beyond the veil of fog and mist to know the joy and what is our bliss

The Wholy Grail may at last be found

We are the mystery at last unbound.




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