I drank coffee fast this morning.  The usually sippy was more of glug and chug.  Letting the brown steam of it roll back my eyelids to the day.  I’m glad for a new moment from the moments of yesterday.  My Be Here Now-ness was challenged repeatedly and I feel like I”m hung over from the badger and stab of fumbling with my ‘nowness’,  There is no better moment than this one and I still feel the ache of extraction in my mouth and the heady experience of last night’s struggled sleep.

The dribble of rain on the outside grey of this morning, invites a lazy day.  And, the calendar of my events for this day says busy girl.  It’s near time to let the warm of a shower wash the haze away and find the giggle in this mornings aperture as I get the Light just right.


Gather Joy full-ness

Play the song of wind and dance

Trees know Earth’s story


Fumble into Now

No matter how you get here

Ride the Be train home




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