Dolphin’s voices bring tears to my eyes.

They well up in the unexpected hit to my heart

A clench at my throat to catch the hungry tears

In a sea wave with me caught in the curl of it.


It was unexpected the first time when the chirp

caught me and I thought I’d drown in sorrow

Captured in a Sea World held to caged pool

In performance for us spectators.


I had to leave.  I had to catch my breath

The profundity of the moment riveted me

I let myself stay silent in a sob of grief

The what to do suffocated me and I fled


I don’t know the wild of Dolphins

I don’t know the seas that lets them be free

I don’t know the song they sing uncaged

Only the distant school of them dancing on the sea


Skimming and diving in unison play

Too far away to hear the song of their joy

And maybe even then that chant would radiate

Deep my heart and send salty tears like the sea


For me to swim in with these sacred Beings

That fill me with tears and remind me

Of the deep well that when flowing opens my heart

Releasing the clench to free me to a new harmony.



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2 responses to “DOLPHIN’S SONG

  1. This is just beautiful. I feel your anguish at the captivity. They are high beings.


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