As the lovely Dorothy said.  “There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home”.

I’ve been tappin’ my little shoes, (of every color) together for decades.  I feel the sparkle as bits cast of from the tapping out into the Universe in my message.

Really, I’ve always been ‘home’ in the right here and the right now, I don’t always feel it or see it.  My knowing of it has expanded.

jeannes little books 126

My home is one that is drenched in goodness and love.

My home is held to peace even when peace is challenged

My home is soul-full dancing in the creative wonder of possibilities

My home is vast and beyond my limited perception

My home is a changing perception to a truth  that Love is all there is

My home is the magic of choice

My home is every color I imagine it to be

My home smells of Spring Green and Freesia

My home is crystalline and resonates with the chants of Angels

My home shape shifts with how I imagine it to be.

My home is positive desire and life ever lasting

My home is of Heaven and Earth, Galaxy after Galaxy

My home is how I imagine it to be.

My home is of Spirit and Oneness

My home is the choice I make to be present and joyful.

My home is here, on this page with you reading

We’re home.


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  1. Betty Thomas

    Thanks for letting me in. I love your home!

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