Tis’ the day before Christmas, three days past ‘The End’

The planet still thrives and most of us tend

To the daily rhythm of living how ever that be

Some prepare to gather with family neath a lit Christmas tree

Some take the Day how ever it might be


For those disappointed that the World did not quiver and shift

For reason that many can not imagine and some wonder ‘what if?’

More peace and more care, more kindness, no war

Might we wake up one day and only goodness will pour

All over the Earth and we at last embrace something more


Like the sugar plum fairies and the magic of bliss

Like how opposites at last find no conflict in the All of all this

How love transforms every negative thought that lingers deep

How at last we all see Oneness as the One giant leap

Into the pot of humanity all mixed up in the love steep


The trample of hoofs on your snowy roof top

A metaphor to hear consciousness wake you up with a pop

As it slides down your chimney into your hearth and your home

It invites and ignites your deep passion to find joy where ever you roam

The magic in the gift from the magic of life’s poem


If in the ‘wake up’ to give an end to what serves no good cause

Than this day before Christ-mas could unite us all just because

We shifted in the realize we’re all of the same breath

That in an Infinity Universe there is no end and no death

We are threads in the glorious grand weave within the waft of the weft


Tis’ the day before Christmas, 2012, give the gift of yourself

Wrapped up in big jolly and sparkle, feeling your inner elf

Have fun in the giving, to give is to receive

Hold Love in your heart on this Christmas Eve.








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